A Sound Reinforcement System & The Ultimate Rave  

The ultimate rave comes with a sound reinforcement system designed to demonstrate a night of powerful sound and acoustics. It’s a combination of microphones, signal processors, amplifiers and load speakers all controlled by a mixing console.

A sound reinforcement system is designed and engineered to make capture and amplify sound and deliver it to an audience

Due to the nature of the raves, the system and speakers have to adhere to loud basslines and electronic high signal sounds. The system has to be powerful enough to relay the music from one side of the event to the other and from back to front.

Tens of thousands of watts of amplifier power, and multiple loudspeakers provide a sound-creating vibe via rave tunes throughout the night.

The Sound Reinforcement System creates an atmosphere that lifts the crowd into euphoria. Ears often buzz after events where for some too much time attending raves may mean a slight hearing issue.

How to Stop Ringing Ears After High Frequency and Bass

A Sound Reinforcement System & The Ultimate Rave
I hear You!
A Sound Reinforcement System & The Ultimate Rave
Cut the Midrange Drop The Bass

I know you’ve been to a rave and your ears have been ringing for a whole 24 hours. At raves, you’re going to have an entertaining night of very loud Music so it’s your choice.

The problem is your ears may be ringing afterwards which you might think is tinnitus however, it’s nothing to panic about. There is no need to worry if it’s after an event or two.

Continuous exposure to a sound reinforcement system has a more permanent effect on hearing later on in life. Just remember to take precautions, I know it’s affected me later on in life.

I think during the rave scene with hundreds of events being promoted across the UK we never realised loud music could be a problem. However, raving two to three times a week was exhausting.

Here’s a list of remedies that will decrease the ringing in your ears.

  • Listen to some relaxing ambient sounds for a while.
  • Distract yourself from the ringing sound by watching some TV or a podcast.
  • Decrease any over-awareness and relax accordingly.
  • Do not stand too close to the stage or loudspeakers.
  • Use smartphone apps that measure ambient noise levels.
  • Wear ear Protectors.

The Greatest Sound Reinforcement Venues

Fabric, East London

Fabric hosts nights with an incredible sound-breaking engineered system that takes raving to another level. East London’s Fabric hosts fame to some of the best nights even today.

Room 1’s Martin Audio rig was designed for a clear and concise system that rocks the place to the max. The system goes through various upgrades and tweaks to ensure the sound levels remain 100% all year round.

Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin.

Berghain has been around for some time and is voted the best club in the world for its sound system, period. The club holds a strict door policy, however, If you are a part of the best nightclub dwellers in Berlin you’ll get in.

Founded in 2004 by friends Norbert Thormann and Michael Teufele, it has since become one of the world’s most famous clubs. The club’s main room is focused on techno, with a smaller upstairs space, Panorama Bar, featuring house music.

Berghain has a Funktion-One Sound System on its main dance floor which, when it was included in 2004, was one of the company’s largest club installs. Funktion – One is a Uk engineered sound system that is still one of the best nightclub sound systems to date.

Lux Frágil, Lisbon

Here, you’ll find a combination of Funktion One and XTA for a Sound Reinforcement System that is designed for total clubbing sound quality.

One of Portugal’s most popular venues, Lux Frágil has remained a fixture of Lisbon’s nightlife since opening in 1998.

Lux Frágil hosts a club, a bar, and a rooftop lounge and plays a huge part in Lisbon’s EDM nightlife.  The venue plays host to mostly house, techno, and disco and has no problem packing nights out each week.

The Jamaica Sound System Routes

Dance Hall routes meant huge sound systems a concept that first became popular in the 1940s, in the parish of Kingston. DJs would load up a truck with a generator, turntables, and huge speakers and set up street parties.

The Ultimate raves of today place solid routes from the Jamaican sound systems and DJs, with the music background and a huge following. There are lots we have in common with how both rave and reggae succeeded.

Back in the Jamaican days, DJs would diversify Reggae and blast out tunes from large homemade sound systems. DJs generated a huge following and became well-known much like how DJs rise today.

What’s Different Today?

A Sound Reinforcement System & The Ultimate Rave  

There wasn’t much difference as to how illegal raves were set up in 1988 -1994 in the UK. Both Jamaican and UK DJs have a huge effect on how EDM sounds today.

The Jamaican promoters and DJs made profits by charging admission and selling food and alcohol. Often thousands of people were in attendance. Of course, raves rarely sold alcohol due to licensing laws.

London’s Caribbean festival has taken place in London since 1966. Notting Hill Carnival is a more diverse event to promote cultural unity. The same cultural history continues to this day with the addition of even more improved sound systems.

Notting Hill Sound systems have been an integral part of the atmosphere since the early days. The music overall has diversified over the years and the sheer popularity of the carnival says it all.

The Notting Hill influence plays different forms of music and specialises in House, Latin, Hardcore, Roots Reggae, Rocksteady & Ska – The list is endless from where sound engineers work their wonders to keep the streets alive.

The Best Sound System Keep People Coming Back

At the end of the day, the number of raves that took place in the UK between 1998 and 1994 said it all. Sound systems have evolved far and beyond since then to attract even more people to new events across the world.

Licensed raves would still be alive today if we had of kept them underground. No matter how much we learned from previous years we will learn to keep all ravers new or old informed of the next events up to date.

No matter where we stand on the EDM scene we know 30+ years ago we had the best enjoyment. Every single week we raved and listened to the best DJs, sound systems, PAs and MCs we grew into a huge following of people that love music.

My Ears Are Still Ringing!

It Must have been that (Breakbeat Era) we mastered!