A Unique Rave Dancefloor Experience & The Best Nights Ever

Nothing can contain the energy it’s built within us and triggered by sound. The unique rave dancefloor experience seems to go on forever. Dancing for 12 hours would drain anyone, however, ravers do this week in and week out.

The Baseline kicks in with a great soulful chorus and a melody that sends shivers down your spine. Hands in the air and waving for more, the energy is just surreal.

The nights are characterized by repetitive beats, heavy basslines, and synthesized melodies that make us remember.

Raving is fun and brings out the best of all of us that attend. We love to have that vibe to concentrate on the journey laid down by the DJ. It’s a great way to express oneself as the night reaches out with headlined DJs.

The Lasors throw a glowing glare across the event and ravers reach out towards them trying to break the line. The thumping bassline line triggers a need for more tunes and the building shakes.

There simply isn’t anything that can compete with a rave at its peak with favoured DJS playing out to the masses. Imagine 8000 people in the same element shouting for more. The noise is unreal but special.

The Trademark Dancefloor Experience

A Unique Rave Dancefloor Experience

Back in 1991, there was a huge mass of people that followed a replicated dance routine by walking on the spot. Ravers threw their arms forward to demonstrate a big, box, a small box and a cardboard box.

There was never anyone ashamed to let loose because it was all about the freedom to express. You can imagine 8000+ people gurning from ear to ear and shouting for more which was quite a scene.

The dancefloor experience is superb where everyone is excepted. Ravers find themselves dancing with lots of different groups as the night unfolded. The Stage is packed and everyone wants to be close to the DJ.

It is common to meet new friends dancing to the tunes. The trademark dance routine was fun and easy to maintain energy-wise. People ventured around the event shaking hands and nodding to each other when a top tune came on.

People were in the same element from start to finish. What was noticeable was the atmosphere. It’s what everyone remembers at raves, that’s what made them so special.

Old Skool Rocked The Dancefloor

The best raves were around 1990-1991 when hardcore became popular. The big beat was dropped promoting an uproar of devoted fans. DJs became popular for their choice in creating a journey that rocked the dancefloor.

It was that unique journey that ravers loved, even today the Old Skool raves are driven by classic tunes. 30+ years on. Those are the exact tunes that still have a huge impression on the Old Skool Massive.

There’s something special about the past that still has Old Skool firmly out there with one of the greatest eras of EDM. The classic tunes even today are heard afterwards in the venue’s car park.

Ravers danced outside service stations from where many new friendships were made. The dancing never stopped until it was time to go home and energy levels decreased and the comedown kicked in.

Ravers have utter respect for promoters, sound engineers, DJs and security for letting it happen. The timing of the dancefloor experience at raves was perfect and we’ll never forget a great rave.

The rave community is a place where people can come together and let go of their inhibitions. It’s that freedom that delivers so much love for the scene. A scene that dominated EDM in the early 90s.

The Rave Community and Inclusiveness

The whole point of raves is to become well-established with the inclusiveness that surrounds the community.

Smaller groups become larger, and thereafter, more groups join those groups and the overall community.

This is what creates the massive turnout at raves. The more people that meet the more the attendance grows. These days the promotion of 30+ years of Old Skool is filling venues of easily up to 8000.

All types of ravers attend and show their emotions effectively on the dancefloor. You can’t judge raving until you have been and witnessed the reality of the dancefloor experience.

Featured performers, such as dancers, acrobats, and fire breathers, help to create a dynamic and exciting atmosphere. It’s like a huge mass of atmospheric energy across the whole venue.

Those that take time to experiment, moreover, attend a rave come from all walks of life and are typically united by a shared love of music and dancing. If you love to dance and meet new people it’s for you.

The Escapism At Raves

A Unique Rave Dancefloor Experience

It’s known that music, lights and performers highlight the nights, moreover, it creates a sense of escapism. This, in turn, develops a sense of security, especially, within the community.

Being away from your everyday stresses and problems from work or your social life helps you escape the normality of life. It’s a proven fact that raves are a sense of escapism.

I’m going to close this post with a message about the rumours that for some are true, moreover, it covers the bad press raving has received over the years. Yes, drugs are available or were and played a huge part in the scene.

However, not everyone has experimented with drugs at raves and has enjoyed them without. The Media didn’t stop the rave scene it happened naturally when the scene split genres.

We had our great times and still do legally and nothing can stop us from doing so. We consider how important it is to keep a hold on raves as a huge part of our lives be it to remember them or to still attend.

There is no doubt in my mind that most ravers, past, present or future will announce freely and say it’s indescribable how we created PLUR and it’s a part of our lives even today for the best dancefloor Experience to date.

Peace, Love Unity & Respect