A Unique Retro Rave Memory To Make You Dance

I know what it feels like to reminisce, wishing you could return to the past and let loose. I’ve collated a retro rave memory that will guide you towards setting a drift on memory bliss.

I’ve chosen to select from my own experiences, so you might research the various memories I have selected. I’m wishing for the early 90s to return and what better way than digging deep into the rave archives?

I’m a persuasive character, therefore, if I can make you dance again, that’s 100% a direction I send everyone. I want to guide you towards some of my greatest memories of Pandemonium, Andromeda 1.

Pandemonium, Andromeda 1

Saturday, August 31st 1991 (Telford Ice Rink)

The night was a clear, warm summer’s night, therefore, it was ideal for the queue meeting ravers from all over the UK. Tickets sold out and the lineup was all the talk.

Not one mobile phone. Nobody cared what they look like. Everyone just united, having the same great time. One love even today is what we search for as ravers and my goodness that night ticked all the boxes.

The queue was huge, although was filtered with fast-track checks by the security and easy access. Entering the venue after hearing the bass thumping in the queue was an exhilarating experience.

The Atmosphere

A Unique Retro Rave Memory To Make You Dance
A Unique Retro Rave Memory To Make You Dance

The image above highlights the atmosphere on the centre stage with myself with the cap on and two friends. Overcoming fears or insecurities and stepping out of one’s comfort zone was the night’s experience.

The atmosphere was simply unique, it was the first large rave for many at the peak of the rave genre. I’ve collated a sequence of videos to express this on my video archive page.

The Event Organisers & Special Effects

The event organizers were to create a rave that would be remembered. This was unforgettable with friends that will last a lifetime. The sound system was 100K, powerful enough to complement the night’s DJ sets and honour the crowd.

The sensory overload of the lighting effects, visuals, and special effects made the night unique. It was enough to make you dance for eternity.

Ravers were dancing or moving to the beat and feeling the euphoria of the music. It was like a sea of ravers synced to the tunes moving in motion. From the centre stage, the atmosphere could be felt with enormous effect.

The event was solely set up for powerful retro rave hardcore breaks with the everlasting soulful vocal tunes we all love. No matter where in the venue you danced the music bounced around the venue from wall to wall.

One of the memories I have was when Top Buzz appeared behind the decks. It was an exciting time for Top Buzz headlining pretty much every large rave in 1991.

Top Buzz – The Highlight Of The Night

Getting a decent live recording for Top Buzz’s set was tough, whereas technology wasn’t what it is today. I’ve collated a playlist for you to recreate the set if you so wish with your own collection of tunes.

00:00 The Badman – Higher Than Heaven (Roar Mix)
04:48 Rebel MC – Black Meaning Good (Dubplate)
09:10 DJ Massive – Massive Overload (55 Massive Mix)
12:16 All In One – Mama’s Kick
15:38 Sub System – II – J’Ai Peur
19:20 The Nighttripper – Hour Of Darkness (pitched right up)
22:22 Warp Factor 3 – Jammin’ Soul / Rhythm Will Make You Move
25:48 The Prodigy – Charly
30:05 One Tribe – Is This All (Instinctstrumental)
33:48 DJPC – Inssomniak38:10 Doctor Of Dance – Doctor Of Dance Theme
41:23 DBM – Real Dream
45:20 The Todd Terry Project – Never Give Up (Melody Mix)
48:10 The X – Witness Of Hallucination
51:15 Platform One – Private Terrain
54:03 Open House – Aquatic
57:45 P.W.M. – Are You Ready To Move (Church Mix)
62:50 The Badman – Higher Than Heaven (Roar Mix)
68:00 Love Revolution – Give It To Me Baby

To say Top Buzz’s set was the highlight of the night is an understatement. The atmosphere was unbelievable and the set carved a path as one of the best retro rave DJ sets played in 1991.

Sadly the Influential UK hardcore and garage DJ Jason Kaye (Top Buzz) died aged 54, with tributes pouring in from across the dance world. His memories from Pandemonium Andromeda 1 and all other raves will stay with us forever.

You can listen to the set via YouTube and calculate the tracks mentioned above played that night.

The Importance Of The Night

I consider retro rave tunes, Old Skool to still amaze me and I know it can still make you dance. When you have memories like Pandemonium, Andromeda 1 and listen to the tunes back then they still remain vivid in the imagination.

That’s the powerful effect of rave stamping authority on our memories to create a long-lasting effect. That night was the beginning of the hardcore genre, at the beginning from where the UK rave community became one.

lasting memories of relationships were created. Ravers talked about the DJ sets and the emotional episode of every single moment that passed by that night.

It was an important night because ravers from all across the UK gathered. Those that attended nightclubs set aside that for this night, moreover, it was planned to be a massive success.

With all the hype about Pandemonium back then, you can now view Panemonium’s next rave. It’s over 30+ years on and they are still at the forefront of organising raves in 2023.

The Final Verdict

A Unique Retro Rave Memory To Make You Dance
A Unique Retro Rave Memory To Make You Dance

The retro rave years of 1991 during the summer simply can’t be forgotten. It was a year that most ravers remember the most. Andromeda 1 was a unique unforgettable experience.

It was one family dancing with the freedom to express ourselves, furthermore, many people knew each other from previous raves. The timing was unique as ravers from all backgrounds and from all over the UK met in unity.

Rather than searching the entire web or YouTube take a trip to my video archive where I have all the videos in sequence from this event. It should capture your imagination and make you dance again or relight the passed if you attended.

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