Decrease Adrenaline Levels & How To Survive Your First Rave

Learning how to decrease adrenaline levels at your first rave coincides with how much of a great time you will have. In this short post, we’re going to cover how to survive your first rave. This is done by monitoring yourself for a great time.

The modern-day rave has far more medical personnel in attendance for emergencies. Old Skool raves are remembered to be extremely hot, fast-paced and overwhelming. Also, there were fewer medical staff at hand.

Rest, Re-energise & Take Breaks

Decrease Adrenaline Levels & How To Survive Your First Rave

In truth dancing for 12 hours is fine providing you re-energise, take breaks, rest and drink lots of water. By taking deep breaths and resting you will reduce the maximum flow of adrenaline that can flow through the body.

If you panic or become scared after taking drugs this is what commonly triggers an adrenaline rush because it happens so fast. Energy levels at raves are enormous due to the atmosphere and fast-paced music (BPMs) beats per minute.

Take Precautions

Taking precautions is vital even if you are drug-free. You would be surprised how much your body can take under pressure. However, think about the thumping bassline and energy inside the venue.

It’s rare to experience an adrenaline rush, however, an MDMA rush can be scary if you’re peaking at the height of an atmospheric episode of the evening. If you panic and feel scared you must get some fresh air, drink water and rest.

Stop Worrying!

If it’s your first rave there is nothing to worry about, it’s an amazing experience to be involved in the PLUR community. People are aware and are there to provide reassurance especially if you are new on the scene.

Stay in the rhythm and dance the night away and reframe from any form of worrying. It’s what on occasion can cause stress and panic attacks. Adrenaline also known as epinephrine, is a natural source of biological energy.

Simple things such as exercise can raise levels and it’s a fact even the world’s greatest athletes understand awareness about how to decrease adrenaline levels at the right time. Rest, rehydrate, renergise and move on.

The Newbie Raver Experience

Raving takes a whole lot of energy from the body, however, after your first rave experience it gets better and better. It will be normal for you to dance a straight 5 hours or more once you master the health side of raving.

Remember by taking breaks, drinking water and resting you are able to enjoy more excitement on the dance floor later.

A newbie’s first rave is often the best so believe me when I say don’t let this post stop you from enjoyment. I personally haven’t had a difficult experience because I took the precautions I mention.

The Dreaded Burnout

Decrease Adrenaline Levels & How To Survive Your First Rave

I’ve seen experienced ravers fall to the adrenaline rush episode, however, that was normally a burnout. Burnout means too much raving, no sleep and not eating properly before and after raves.

Adequate sleep is essential for maintaining good health and reducing stress levels. Remember even though you may be thinking about another rave straight after think about your health.

Try maintaining your weight with healthy meals and before you mention it, I do remember pulling a face when told to eat my Sunday dinner after a rave. I experimented with MDMA on occasion, however, still remained healthy for the cause.

The dreaded burnout isn’t nice and without care and attention in learning how to decrease adrenaline levels, your health could be at risk. Once again don’t worry too much and pay attention to my simple precautions.

Health Awareness For a Later Life

Taking long breaks from raving is no mission, yes you’ll miss the buzz, however, it gives you more freedom to take a look at how you feel. I do a rave every so often when I’m fully revitalised due to breaks and being older now.

If you take note of all precautions laid down for you there is no reason to take too long a break. I will say, however, it did me the world of good to put some pounds back on and get back to routine living.

It is important to engage in raving or other high-energy activities in moderation and to be aware of one’s physical limits. It was hard to maintain the amount of raving I did in the 90s and I soon realised that.

Energetic dancing can stimulate the release of adrenaline in some people, causing an increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure. If you’re a raver and love to have fun think about health awareness as a precaution.

The Spiritual Side Of Stress Reduction

Raves have a basis for a community known as Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. You could say it’s slightly spiritual how so many people can dance together as one family. If you’re more inclined to the spiritual side of life read on.

Practice stress-reduction techniques such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, yoga, tai chi, and progressive muscle relaxation. Place some ambient music on and chill out to the soothing vibes. Get in touch with your inner self.

You might have survived your first rave and want to relax and reduce your adrenaline levels to a minimum. If you enjoy the Karma of relaxation techniques make it the norm to practice them after each rave.

Take Care Of Your Hearing

Raves can be extremely loud and the penetrating bassline thunders across the venue. Reframe from dancing direct in front of speakers and wear earplugs to reduce the buzzing sound in your ears.

It’s common to have a buzzing sound in your ears after a rave which can depend on the Rigged Sound System and can be quite annoying. This can last a few days if you don’t wear ears plugs.

Don’t Ignore Dance Venue Regulations

Your adrenaline levels are at a high, the music is pumping and you see a space on the stage. Bearing in mind at many raves there are restrictions on where to and where not to dance.

I remember at Fantazia NYE 1991 When MC Mad P announced for people to get off the stage. His message was ignored and he threatened to walk out. Remember safety always comes first.

Legal raves have many rules to obtain a license. Staying aware of what you can and can’t do depends on the promotors getting the license for the venue again. You may be hyperactive, however, the last thing you don’t want is for the stage to collapse with you on it.

Remember to make sure you know where the exits are and stay aware of any potential safety hazards. Raves can be extremely crowded so remain aware of your surroundings.

If you do need to decrease adrenaline levels due to an adrenaline rush knowing where the exits are is vital for you to get some fresh air and revitalise. After your first rave you’ll be fine and dancing all night will be second nature, however, taking precautions should always be a priority.