Define The Best EDM Festivals Vs Warehouse Raves

Warehouse raves and EDM festivals have been around for some time now so we will give some idea of both. If you’re going to attend we’re here to help you decide.

Although we have seen festivals such as Glastonbury and the Notting Hill Carnival we don’t have as many festivals as we did in 1991 in the UK.

When we talk about EDM festivals and raves the USA holds far more than the UK. This is due to the sheer size of the country. The explosion of raves in the USA is attracting hundreds of thousands of partygoers.

There is far more freedom in other countries compared to the UK after the Criminal Justice Bill was released. Other countries’ laws are following suit by banning events.

What Are Warehouse Raves?

Between 1988-1994 the illegal warehouse rave reached capacity almost all over the country. It became so popular in the UK that it was hard to hide the location of the event.

Cars queued on the M25 motorway to learn about hidden locations for raves in old disused warehouses. Depending on the lighting, sound systems and size of the warehouse determined its success.

Most warehouse raves in 1988-1994 were full to the brim with just about all social statuses being involved. From football hooligans, bankers, and new-age travellers to hippies the raves shared the night with everyone.

The warehouse rave is full of your favourite hedonists who dance until the sun comes up. The sound systems are moved from one rave to the next until the police decide to confiscate them.

The music can depend on the night’s DJs, however, most DJs that play at today’s raves were part of the DJ scene 30+ years ago. At any legal rave today, you could be listening to any one of the genres below.

  • UK Breakbeat
  • Broken Beat
  • Nu-Skool Breaks
  • Tech-Funk
  • Big Beat
  • Trip-Hop
  • Jungle
  • Drum and Bass
  • House
  • Trance

What Happened At Illegal Warehouse Raves?

Once the location of the event reached the rave massive the night would go ahead. They usually took place in rural areas for privacy. The reason for privacy was to attract true ravers with fewer authorities such as the police.

People came from all over the UK to attend and even though the premises were at best tattered and torn buildings the atmosphere was unique. The sound systems pounded beats throughout the premises

Ravers climbed up into the rafters and on top of speakers and the atmosphere was all about having 100% freedom to party. It was that freedom that made the nights so special.

Those who attended 30+ years ago will explain there was nothing like illegal raves. The whole riskiness about it made it fun. After the nights finished people would stay and chat or move to service stations.

Were There Many Drugs At Illegal Raves?

Due to the freedom of illegal warehouse raves, it was common to come across drugs, however, it wasn’t pushed like hard drugs. Many people came out of parties at clubs and pubs to attend and drugs could be obtained later.

MDMA (often referred to as a “club drug” or “party drug” along with MDA), amphetamine, LSD, GHB, ketamine, methamphetamine, cocaine, and cannabis were common.

Making the choice to use recreational drugs is a decision you make. There are ways you can Test Your Drugs before the event to make sure you don’t falter. It’s less common at raves now, however, there is always a chance you may be offered to experiment.

Drugs weren’t for everyone and many people attended after drinking alcohol at their local pub or club. Alcohol became less popular in 1991-1994 due to ravers not wanting to dehydrate on the dance floor.

EDM Festivals

Define The Best EDM Festivals Vs Warehouse Raves

Throwing a festival event is a hard act to follow and trying to compete with the number of attendees is almost impossible. EDM festivals differ from warehouse raves because they are held over a couple of days to a whole week.

The energy to last that long takes some strength and means far more resting to recuperate. At Warehouse raves, it was full of mayhem with so much energy you just couldn’t stop even for a minute.

That’s one of the main differences with the time spent at either a rave or festival. A rave can last a night into the morning and a festival for a whole week.

If you’re going to a festival you need to plan well, therefore, remember to take all your accessories. Make sure you are Well-Equipped for the event. At Illegal warehouse raves you just needed yourself, some money and transport.

What to Expect At EDM Festivals

There is a huge amount of experimentation with sounds and drum parts, synthesizers and sampling at EDM festivals. The sound system generally would have to be powerful enough to reach from front to back and from one side to the other.

There seems to be a younger crowd at EDM festivals, to be more specific, the ages of 18 to 24 are the bulk of this music’s audience. At warehouse raves literally, any age or social background was accepted.

The United States is not only home to the biggest EDM fans, but it is also the country where most EDM artists come from. You can expect to see DJs from across the board.

The UKs EDM is Largely influenced by house music but allows for more variations in rhythm, the garage often bases itself on chopped vocal samples and 130 bpm tempos.

There are now far fewer EDM festivals in the UK, therefore those that want to attend need to travel abroad. This is due to licensing laws, noise pollution and drug awareness.

You can expect to meet some great people at festivals due to the atmosphere and buzz that surrounds the theme. EDM producers also perform their music live in a concert or festival setting in what is sometimes called a live PA.

A Round-Up Of Warehouse Raves Vs EDM Festivals

Define The Best EDM Festivals Vs Warehouse Raves

Let’s round this up and look at the basics starting with raves. Things generally back in the day were very messy and there were no strict laws to analyse events and shut them down.

There wasn’t information on recreational drugs and new laws had to be put in place to calm things down. Was the criminal Justice Bill a good thing? I’ll answer no because the laws are too strict.

However, something had to be done to reduce problems with, noise pollution, overcrowding, drug use and the mess left after events.

EDM festivals pay huge amounts of money to host events, clean things up and include tight security making sure nothing gets out of hand and people are safe. The difference with raves is that there were rarely any problems or security needed.

Whether it’s a rave your heading off to or a festival you’re sure to have a great time and meet new friends. You may not have PLUR in place at festivals as the rave scene does but you have the great promotors and atmosphere to provide a fabulous time.