Discover The 1991 Emerging Rave Bands During That Era

Rave bands that emerged in 1991 were pivotal in shaping the electronic music landscape of the time. The 1991 emerging rave bands changed how we listen to EDM today by stamping authority on the genre.

These bands were at the forefront of the growing rave culture, a scene that still grows with modern times 30+ years on. The bands were marked by high-energy, underground dance parties fueled by electronic beats and psychedelic visuals.

The demand for dance music was on the rise in the early 1990s, with a growing audience of fans. ravers were drawn to the infectious beats and energetic vibes of electronic music.

Experimentation And Genre Fusion

Discover The 1991 Emerging Rave Bands to Learn About
Discover The 1991 Emerging Rave Bands to Learn About

Rave bands of 1991 were known for pushing the boundaries of electronic music. This meant incorporating various genres and influences into their sound. This experimentation resulted in the fusion of techno, rave, house, ambient, and other styles.

Creating a unique and diverse soundscape challenged traditional music norms and pushed EDM in new directions. The authority of the 1991 emerging rave bands was perfect timing for both underground and mainstream success.

Chart Topping Albums

Rave bands such as The Prodigy and 2 Unlimited, achieved mainstream success with their chart-topping hits and influential albums. This mainstream recognition helped to popularize EDM.

Rave Bands learned how to introduce it to a wider audience, bringing electronic music to the forefront of EDM from an underground subculture to a mainstream genre.

The Prodigy Experience

The Prodigy is a British electronic music group formed in 1990, but gained worldwide recognition as one of the greatest 1991 emerging rave bands of its kind with the release of their debut album “Experience.”

They are known for their energetic and aggressive sound, The Prodigy is considered one of the pioneers of rave and electronic dance music (EDM) scenes.

Experience” by The Prodigy

  • Jericho
  • Music Reach (1/2/3/4)
  • Wind It Up
  • Your Love (featuring Keith Flint)
  • Hyperspeed (G-Force Part 2)
  • Charly (featuring Maxim Reality)
  • Out of Space (featuring Maxim Reality)
  • Everybody in the Place
  • Weather Experience
  • Fire (featuring Keith Flint)
  • Ruff in the Jungle Bizness
  • Death of the Prodigy Dancers
  • We Eat Rhythm

30+ Years On – Modern-Day Version of The Prodigy

Two Unlimited

In 1991, 2 Unlimited was a Dutch Eurodance group that gained widespread popularity and international success. 2 Unlimited was formed in 1991.

The Dutch Eurodance group was created by Belgian producers Jean-Paul DeCoster and Phil Wilde, who were known for their work in the dance music industry.

Consisting of rapper Ray Slijngaard and vocalist Anita Doth, 2 Unlimited was known for its high-energy dance tracks, catchy melodies, and captivating performances.

They were a pioneering act in the Eurodance genre, which blended elements of techno, house, and dance-pop into an upbeat and infectious sound. One of their most notable hits in 1991 was “Get Ready for This.”

It became a chart-topping success in multiple countries and remains one of their signature tracks to this day.

2 Unlimited’s success in 1991 paved the way for their subsequent hits in the years to come, including “No Limit,” “Tribal Dance,” and “Faces,” among others.

2 Unlimited ”Get Ready” Tracklist

  • Get Ready for This
  • Twilight Zone
  • The Magic Friend
  • Contrast
  • Rougher Than the Average
  • Workaholic
  • Delight
  • Get Ready for This (Orchestral Mix)
  • Twilight Zone (Club Mix)
  • The Magic Friend (Instrumental)
  • Workaholic (Instrumental)
  • Get Ready for This (Rio & Le Jean Remix)

Two Unlimited Greatest Hits

Altern 8

Altern 8 is a British rave and techno duo consisting of Mark Archer and Chris Peat.

They gained popularity in 1991 with their debut album “Full-On Mask Hysteria,” which included hits like “Infiltrate 202” and “E-Vapor-8.” Altern 8’s music is known for its infectious beats, heavy basslines, and distinctive use of samples.

Track List For Full-On Mask Hysteria

  • Move My Body
  • Infiltrate
  • E-Vapor-8
  • 8’s Revenge
  • Frequency
  • Real-Time Status
  • Hypnotic St-8
  • Activ-8
  • Brutal-8-E
  • AD – 8 With Plezure
  • Armageddon
  • Give It To Baby
  • Re- Indulge

Altern 8 achieved commercial success with their music, with several of their tracks charting in the UK and other countries.

“Full-On Mask Hysteria” was well-received critically and commercially, earning them a wide fan base and establishing their reputation as a leading act in the rave and EDM scene.

Overall, Altern 8’s innovative sound, energetic performances, cultural impact, chart success, and lasting legacy are some of the reasons why they were considered “so good” and continue to be remembered as influential figures in the EDM and rave scenes today.

Altern8Full-On Mask Hysteria

The Shamen

Colin Angus was a founding member of The Shamen and played the guitar, and keyboards, and sang vocals for the band. He was known for his innovative approach to electronic music and was one of the main songwriters for the group.

Other band members included Derek McKenzie (born 27 February 1964) and Keith McKenzie (born 30 August 1961). Peter Stephenson (born 1 March 1962) joined shortly after to take over keyboards from Angus.

The Shamen were a Scottish electronic music band that formed in 1986, but achieved commercial success in 1991 with their album “En-Tact.”

Which Hit Singles Did En-Tact Have

The album featured the hit singles “Move Any Mountain” and “Hyperreal,” which combined techno, rave, and psychedelic elements in their music. You can study the UK chart’s history here.

The Shamen’s best album in 1991 was “En-Tact.” This album, released in 1990, became a breakthrough success for The Shamen. “En-Tact” is often considered their best album due to its innovative blend of techno, acid house, and ambient music.

The Shamen’s “En-Tact” TrackList

  • Human NRG
  • Progen (Land Of Oz)
  • Possible Worlds
  • Omega Amigo
  • Hyperreal
  • Lightspan
  • Make It Mine V2.5
  • Oxygen Restriction
  • Evil Is Even
  • Human NRG (Massey)
  • Make It Mine V1.3 (Pirate Radio)
  • Oxygen Reprise V2.0
  • Hear Me O My People (Orbital – Delays Expected)

Popular Chart Tracks

The album features popular tracks such as “Move Any Mountain,” which was a chart-topping hit in the UK and other countries, and “Hyperreal,” which also gained significant popularity.

“En-Tact” is also notable for its unique approach to combining electronic music with spiritual and philosophical themes, drawing inspiration from shamanism and Eastern spirituality.

What Set The Shamen Apart From Other Bands

This concept was reflected in the album’s artwork, lyrics, and overall aesthetic, which set The Shamen apart from other electronic music acts at the time and helped define their distinctive sound and style.

For ravers, 1991 was the year to remember with so many bands and artists making progress into the mainstream. It’s what carved a path for the future of rave as we know it today over 30+ years on.

In conclusion, the 1991 emerging rave bands brought about significant changes to the EDM genre, fueled by technological advancements, the influence of club culture, a growing demand for dance music, experimentation, and mainstream recognition.

These bands paved the way for the evolution of electronic music and left a lasting impact on the EDM scene, shaping its trajectory for the years to come. Keep reading my blogs I’ll deliver for free.

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