From A Cheesy Quaver To The Ultimate Raver In 1991

The word Cheesy Quaver wasn’t a negative name towards new ravers, it was more of a polite way of saying they must stand their ground to become an ultimate raver of knowledge.

Who would have thought there would be a term for new starters onto the rave scene? It didn’t take long with the regular attendance to nightclubs, warehouses and fields that the status was removed.

As soon as the friendship and clubbing lists grow with the knowledge of DJs and tunes the easier it is to climb the ranks. However, the best way to see it is that all ravers are equal.

The more ravers that join the rave scene the more momentum it gains, Therefore Cheesy Quaver was just a term for a newcomer. No one cared about status, it was more about friendship.

In 1991 we headed off to a petrol station to find out where the rave was in the countryside. Most ravers who had attended illegal raves far surpassed the Cheezy Quaver status and can tell many interesting rave stories.

How It All Started For Me!

There was so much to talk about during and after raves, I still remember some of the conversations I had back in the day. It took me all of a week to be convinced to attend the Hacienda.

My Girlfriend had a lot of contacts on the scene and I was more of a pub and mainstream nightclubber. I had been to Ibiza in 1990 and noticed something was rising from the realms of music there called Acid House.

As mentioned I also attended the Hacienda and ended up in the DJ box with free beers all night. By the time 1991 has risen with the increase of hardcore, I had enough knowledge to convince others to join me.

I could honestly announce to others that I had become a true ultimate raver by then. Almost the whole pub joined me at JJ’s in Wolverhampton every week. Those were the ones that once called me a Cheesy Quaver.

Rave Knowledge

Rave knowledge grew at an enormous rate with DJs, clubs and fashion leading the way for discussion. Yes, I was a Cheesy Quaver once, however, that was a name normal mainstream pub friends called me.

The knowledge passed down to us from long-time ravers opened up new channels for discussion and the knowledge grew. I remember almost everything and I’m on some of the rave videos on YouTube from the UK in 1991.

Most ravers that had raved from 1988 -1994 were ultimate ravers. They know so much about DJs, PAs, events and EDM overall. Knowing where the routes of rave came from always has its advantages.

The Oldskool Days & The Venues

From A Cheesy Quaver To The  Ultimate Raver In 1991
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In 1991 there were some excellent raves taking place with The Eclipse, Shelleys, JJ’s and Quest to name a few.  I remember being at Shelley’s Laserdome in Stoke in ’91 when Altern8 did a PA in the car park.

Shelley’s wasn’t the largest of clubs, however, was packed solid every week. ”Bang N Tunes” promoted it back then for a while. The club was so hot a change of clothes was required before the service station every week.

I remember coming out of Shelly’s one winter night when my body heat and sweaty clothes were steaming in the cold air. I always took a change of clothing to Shellys.

The Oldskool days simply can’t be beaten, there was rarely any trouble and I personally made hundreds of friends during my Rave days. I still rave, although, have cleaned my act up and now dance for a limited time before resting.

What About Rave Today?

I think even today the energy is still there in legal rave venues to dance for hours none stop. Of course with the rise of the Criminal Justice Bill the scene has changed to some extent.

That doesn’t stop occasional raves at Shelley’s Lasordome & Manchester’s Bowlers taking place even today. The crowd is a mixed crowd of young and older ravers and it’s exciting to see where the scene will be in the coming months.

A Ravers Background

Whether you’re a modern-day Cheesy Quaver or a Unique Ultimate Raver of the past it is obvious ravers come from all backgrounds. This is also why it is not uncommon to find ravers who are actually practising professionals by day.

I have met all kinds of people from all walks of life. It’s no bother and easier to swap details now than it was 30 years ago. Now we have Social Media there are many interesting people on my friend list.

No matter what background a person has either a modern-day hippie to a banker, there are no limits to friendship. I wonder where everyone is today no doubt there are some extremely successful ravers out there from the past.

There was a story going around that Manchester was the first to host raves and London claimed fame too. It really doesn’t matter because by 1991 people from all over the country were uniting and that is what it’s all about.

Manchester was a musical and cultural scene that developed in the English city of Manchester in the late 1980s. Shoom in London hosted Acid House between September 1987 and early 1990.

What About Raving in 2023 

Raving takes a whole lot of energy out of the body, however for me personally I was only 19 when I started over 30 years ago. Of course, I still get the buzz from oldskool tracks, however, do feel tired easier.

It’s as easy to make friends with people even today from all backgrounds. It’s for that reason that I think oldskool will never die. Harcore is becoming famous again and regular nights are popping up.

I sense that rave will fast forward to a time soon when new tunes and DJs will appear along with promotions for new rave events. It’s on the cards and the economy is at its lowest as it was 30 years ago.

Raving in 2023 will be the same, especially knowing the classic tunes will be remixed and played at events. Nostalgia always comes in when the economy suffers, However, this is a good sign people want more freedom to rave again.

Hardcore Ravers & The Scene

From A Cheesy Quaver To The  Ultimate Raver In 1991
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Whether you were known as a Cheesy Quaver, junglist or Hardcore Raver it never mattered. As the scene moved across to hardcore it peaked just at the right time.

The hardcore raver took raving to a new level. It was more frantic as the bassline was pounded out of enormous sound systems.  The raver then had more feelings of energy, pleasure, warmth, and distortions in sensory and time perception.

The music was mayhem at its best when DJs and MCs took us on a journey. That’s what makes hardcore so popular even today. It was total Kaos and the sheer volume on some nights left your ears buzzing for three days.

It was like being locked out of the outside world with strobe lights and lasers taking their toll. The utter mayhem of hardcore sound increased awareness and created an almost alien world.

The warehouses became a huge gathering of people cheering for a rewind with fog horns, and whistles shouting for more and more at the end of the night.

That’s after an already 12-hour journey completed on the dancefloor.

Am I Still A Raver Even If I Don’t Go Anymore?

Raving was the best time of my life and the way I see it once a raver always a raver, especially if you captured the moments of 1989-1994. I still go to the occasional night.

It’s hard to forget something that was so amazing and if hardcore never dies then I’ll be hoping it revives itself to lead the way in EDM one more time. That’s why I am still a raver, I am simply waiting and biding my time for the rise of rave again.

Ravers never forget a moment and there were so many to reflect on during events. Stories are often written on the internet and the scene seems to be heading somewhere pretty soon. Most people see themselves as oldskool ravers now.

There would be nothing better than the rise of the rave to enlighten us about what we so loved back in the day. Yes, there are raves now, however not enough to make it an explosive return to how it was back in 1991.