How Raves Evolved & The Best Revisited Memories

How Raves evolved depended on EDM progressing at such a rate by 1991 the scene was vibrant and alive. From illegal raves to huge legal promotions the story began.

The comradeship between everyone at the event, singing, and dancing to the same song is a special feeling. Rave celebrated its 30th anniversary recently as promoters started to secure raves around the UK to celebrate.

Rave will never die, furthermore, it’s likely to return under the current economic climate. People want the freedom to return to the dancefloor to rejoice. It’s an EDM story soon to be retold.

Where Did Rave Come From?

How Raves Evolved & The Best Revisited Memories

Knowing how raves evolved is sure to create an understanding of which direction it’s heading now. From Chicago to New York and then Acid house the hardcore scene soon later influenced a scene that grew at an enormous rate.

The UK witnessed the birth and exponential flowering of the youth cultural movement labelled ‘Acid House’ in the late 80s. It was the pathway for raves to follow.

The instrumental breakbeat and big beat hits of Chicago were followed by soulful vocals that took EDM to the next level. The Soulful lyrics soon became popular in demand and PAs became famous.

Later on, in the rave scene around 1992 US DJ Scotto. Inspired and promoted by a night at the Hacienda in the UK, The party featured (among others) DJ Frankie Bones, Rozalla and Moby performing live.

The 1991 movement came shortly after Acid House, however, lots of tunes were edited and sampled for new tracks. Rave nights were headlined by some of the most influential DJs out there.

DJs That Headlined Raves & House Nights

Knowing how raves evolved takes us right back to a time when the best DJs played at the best events with the best selection of tracks. This makes us believe that nothing can bring back 1991.

However, we can reminisce as much as we want it’s a free world to remember our routes from a past that meant having our best DJs play unreal sets that took us on a journey with the freedom to dance.

Frankie Knuckles

Frankie Knuckles Francis Warren Nicholls, Jr., was the first American DJ who played in the early U.K. scene in the late 80s. He was influenced by Chicago and New York House.

Frankie started playing soul disco, and R&B at two of the most important early discos, The Continental Baths and The Gallery. It was later on Frankie moved from New York City to Chicago.

Frankie Knuckles became so popular and ahead of the game playing new influential house tunes that due to his importance in the development of the genre, Knuckles was often called “The Godfather of House Music”.

Carl Cox

How Raves Evolved & The Best Revisited Memories
Dj Carl Cox
How Raves Evolved & The Best Revisited Memories
DJ Carl Cox

Carl Cox (born 29 July 1962) is a superb example of someone that has headlined house and techno nights for years.

Some of the best memories on the rave scene were headlined by Carl Cox either playing as a DJ or a live PA. He played many raves ”I want you Forever” was one of his major hits on Top of The Pops.

Carl has also been a huge part of the rave scene throughout with some of his tunes hitting the mainstream dance charts. He is known as a gent and a true legend on the EDM scene.

Little to everyone’s surprise Carl had his own mobile DJ business and carved a path towards stardom at an early age. He was born in South London and moved to Brighton.

It’s fair to say Carl Cox was one of the creators of rave music and is well respected on the UK rave circuit for his generous attitude. He showed total respect towards the crowd and joined us together as one.

Fabio & Grooverider

The list is endless with so many DJs hitting the rave scene back in the early 90s. with Grooverider and Fabio being two of the longest-standing DJs who went on to dominate the drum and bass scene.

In the early days of rave, both were influential playing hardcore and breakbeats that rocked the dancefloor. Grooverider began his DJing at illegal raves and warehouse parties in the UK in the late 1980s.

Grooverider some years later went on to play a Sunday session called Grace at the London club, Herbal.

Grooverider rose to success with partner Fabio through his sets at club Rage at Heaven. Fabio and Grooverider began playing house at Mendoza’s in Brixton one of the fondest memories on the house scene to date.

Top Buzz

How Raves Evolved & The Best Revisited Memories

MC Patrick Jarrett (“Mad P”), DJ Mikee B and DJ Jason Kaye were soon to start their fame as Top Buzz in 1991. They later popularised the darker sounds of hardcore and became headlined at some of the greatest raves ever.

Mad P took us on a journey with his famous chants and lyrics as an MC and the journey was at most a dark journey of bliss on the dancefloor. One of Top Buzz’s most talked about sets was at Andromeda 1, Pandemonium.

You Can Watch 6 of the best-edited videos from Andromeda 1, Telford Ice Rink from our Video Rave Archive in order of the night’s events as they unfolded.

Top Buzz was known by Mad P as ”Two Blacks & A Bubble” a commonly used chant that rose high into the warehouse as the set unfolded as a journey never to forget. Top Buzz was headlined more than most in the early 90s.

Dj Ratty

DJ Ratty was one of the top UK hardcore (early drum & bass) DJs in England during the early ’90s. He frequently produced with Tango as Tango & Ratty.

DJ Ratty was relatively unheard of until he played at Donnington, Amnesia in 1991. His fast mixing and hyper-cool scratching took it all to another level. As part of the Fibre Optic Crew with DJ Tango & Fallout, he became super popular.

The nature of Ratty’s style was unique and played at a high tempo and at lightning speed. It wasn’t long until he was to journey up and down the country headlining raves.

Remnants of DJ Fallout’s Fibre Optic Records in Leamington Spa were where Ratty, tango and fallout used to hang out with their crew playing hardcore and drum & bass.

The bass used to echo through the shop from top to bottom with fresh out-of-rave DJs searching for some new tunes for the following night.

DJ Mickey Finn

Michael Hearn is one of the original rave scene Hardcore and Jungle pioneers. Born: on 3rd December 1966 in South East London, and raised in Woolwich Micky Finn was one of the most respected DJs on the rave scene.

Don’t get mixed up with the slang, a Mickey Finn (or simply a Mickey) is a drink laced with drugs to sedate. This simply wasn’t a topic Micky Finn or Michael has anything to do with.

Micky Finn, a name cemented in the dance music scene since 1988. A DJ from the acid house scene who progressed rapidly to a music producer, remixer and record shop owner.

During 1991 Micky Finn headlined some of the greatest raves known in the UK with a huge following. Ravers showed utter respect as he played hardcore as if he had been playing it for years.

Does History Repeat Itself?

How Raves Evolved & The Best Revisited Memories
Does History Repeat Itself

History has been known to repeat itself for example raves came at a time when the economy was weak and people wanted more freedom. Like in 2023, it’s a hard world to live in with less freedom more laws and little to do.

At times like this it’s a known fact people want to let go and enjoy. Sure legal raves happen, however with less freedom. We Believe authority needs to be stamped on EDM.

This can only be done with a new wave of ravers both present and past linking up to congregate and rave again. It’s at times like this that we need to party from time to time.

Meeting new people is healthy and fun and less troublesome than drinking too much at the local pub. People need change as does the EDM scene for our sake to bring back a summer of love.

There is a space to turn the effect of EDM and revert back to how rave evolved in the first place. It was needed to bring people together and to enlighten us that there is a place to enjoy.

No matter how much time it takes we at Rave On 1991 will leave no stone unturned until we bring people together again. If you’re looking for a place to read, chat or learn we will be here for you.