How To Become A DJ With A Marketing Strategy

So you want to become a DJ with all eyes on you? What a great job that creates such energy and fun on the dance floor. A DJ has an important job especially when it’s rave related.

EDM and the rave genre have become ultra-popular over the years, however, there is always room for one more budding DJ. The fame that surrounds entertaining the masses is unique.

The journey a DJ creates is what makes a night so special, moreover, it coincides with the night’s theme. With space and time being the 90’s theme it was the choice of DJs that made the night successful.

Some DJs are naturally gifted whereas it’s common to be self-taught. These days, however, competition means marketing yourself to climb the ranks. It’s all about your status and progression to be heard.

Start The Process

How to Become a DJ With A Marketing Strategy

Your niche is the choice of genre you wish to play. You may have been DJing for many years and had little success. This is where with our assistance you can begin the journey to entertain the masses.

If you’re new to the game and want to become a DJ you’ll need to be aware of a few important requirements. You need to concentrate on your image, niche, and your style of DJing.

You may have remembered DJ Ratty who created his own path and style via scratching and fast-paced mixing.

He had a head start in the game being a part of Fibre Optic. It was guaranteed after playing a blinding set at Amnesia, Donnington that he would climb the ranks to become a DJ of fame.

Fibre Optic was a group of DJs such as Tango, Fallot and Ratty driven by a rave record shop in Leamington. When a new release came out during the hardcore days you could count on DJ Ratty playing it.

To start the process dig deep on Sound Cloud for knowledge and unique sets and go through your record collection. Old Skool Djs often have a huge record collection at hand, however, you may not at the first point.

Marketing To Climb The Ranks

If you’re not cash-strapped a full-service digital marketing agency provides your business with the expertise and tools needed to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

Public Relations (PR) work will help you advance towards evolving and driving your DJ career towards success. Learning how to market yourself is by far the best solution to lift off.

Joining a Digital Marketing Agency will assist you with all the knowledge and requirements to get your name out there. This will provide momentum for getting in touch with those who count in the business.

Learn more about the History of a Music genre and compete to be better than those that succeeded before. When did DJs make their stance, which event, what did they play and what was the crowd’s reaction?

Who Are Your Clients?

Who are your ideal clients? Study the key characteristics that tie them together, such as their age, gender, or musical taste. Do the majority of clients look older and do you have a backup plan to provide for that?

Old Skool raves have a huge following with the older crowd and younger ravers joining the bandwagon. Will you play predominantly Old Skool Hardcore or a mixture of newly released hardcore tunes too?

Knowing your clients will help you adjust to their relations to the various tunes you play. Be adventurous and mix tunes knowone has heard, and create explosive sets that create a journey for the masses.

The message is clear and the fact is you want to become a DJ that gets gigs on a regular basis. This is the motivation that should drive your business towards success. Be willing to change, direct and enhance a live musical journey.

Promote Yourself Online to Become a DJ

How to Become a DJ With A Marketing Strategy

Do you want your popularity to grow and succeed in telling people about your DJ niche and the genre you play? If you want to get recognised that’s key by highlighting the fact you mean business.

You need to use all the online tools available to build your brand, moreover, it’s a way of telling people what your DJ niche is. Make a stance to create as many social media accounts as possible.

Create a website that outlines your experience and past ventures. If you’re just starting out using social media. moreover, tell people you are a budding new DJ. Do your homework and answer as many online questions as you can.

Chances are that if you become popular with your website, your customers, furthermore, will take note of what you are reaching out for. If you want to build a website that attracts think about how I have set this one up.

You could reach out to SoundCloud and embed your playlists on your website. Most DJs give free access to online playlists. There is no better way to introduce your music knowledge to fans.

Nail Down Your Brand

The effect of marketing and sourcing your customers comes with everyhting I have mentioned in this post. Insure yourself for promotors if something happens to the event.

Keep every door open towards drawing up your plan to climb up the ladder, moreover, work hard at it. It could mean getting out of a regular 9-5 job if you secure bookings.

Feedback from fans is crucial to elicit information on where you could improve and what tunes work or don’t. Take constructed criticism calmly, moreover, go with the flow when a booking comes in.

If you want to become a DJ make every set unique because it may be the set that opens up doors. Most Hardcore DJs made it over a few bookings to be noticed. Like DJ Ratty who made such an impact at Amnesia, Donnington when fame followed.

No matter how much work is applied driven by the number of sets you play reach out for new tunes. Master your trade and search for tunes that will energise the dancefloor.

The Motivation

How to Become a DJ With A Marketing Strategy

Imagine headlining a rave with an 8000 attendance capacity, moreover, think about your name on the flyer. Imagine the coverage you’ll receive for your marketing and DJ work.

You’re the DJ everyone is talking about, that popularity last forever as you’ll see on YouTube with some of the class acts of the early 1990s. The best sets always end up on Social Media.

The motivation here is to gain as much access to covering as many raves as possible. It’s your destiny to become something special. moreover, after reading this you might think it’s possible.

Create a buzz around your DJ name and be ready for interviews because TV, Magazines and promotors will want to interview you for media coverage. Almost like Carl Cox you could be the DJ that everyone likes.

If you want to become a DJ think about taking it to the next level, furthermore have faith in yourself. There is nothing better than listening to a DJ that simply plays a blinding set to control the dancefloor’s journey.