How To Build A Rave Website With Tips & Tricks

Let’s learn how to create a rave website that attracts a niche audience. Nowadays it is easier to become your own boss by creating a website that covers everything rave related.

Think about it, why build a website for one purpose? You can cover all related topics that surround a niche. It’s common to see DJs become producers and then their own promoters online.

Your mission is to learn how to drive content into your website to attract an online audience.

The list is endless and if you take a look around Rave On 1991, (This Website) You’ll notice how we’ve included many blogs. We’ve pretty much niched raving in 1991.

To expand on this website we will include an online store and concentrate on the blog area, therefore, it’s mostly about content. To gain traffic we have decided at this point not to be affiliated with companies to sell.

When you want to build a reputable website you need to think about your audience’s needs. Content is where you gain trust from search engines and trust creates traffic for revenue from where you can later think about sales.

A Rave Website & How To Deliver

Most ravers want to be updated, moreover, learning about new venues and raves is a real need. The internet is a massive database of ideas from ticket sales to venue promotions, rave history and culture.

Research some of the most talked about venues and rave nights, furthermore, deliver an in-depth blog about the culture. create a blog that delivers new information about raves and deliver it.

Research keywords for each blog you write and concentrate on becoming a great SEO writer. Remember raving creates freedom and people want to hear about that.

Your audience wants problems solved such as where to go, what to do, what to wear and when to arrive.

By Answering a customer’s questions your creating authority and trust. The more questions you answer the more your rave website will evolve.

Offer Advice On How To Remain Safe At Raves

How To Build A Rave Website With Tips & Tricks

It’s unfortunate that the message most people hear is that drugs are the leading reason for euphoria at raves. No matter where you look the message is there. It is, however, a reality that the recreational drug trend has already peaked.

Writing about drugs online is a little taboo, however, it’s acceptable, to write the truth.

It’s more noticeable to learn from the internet about remaining safe at raves. The bad news derives from the rave reputation. You could research blog content and deliver a thorough explanation of how to rave drug-free.

From a more experimental side of raving you could even mention how to remain safe while under the influence. It’s safer to test recreational drugs before taking them.

Advice is better than forgetting the subject be it a problem or not. It’s illegal to take recreational drugs, however, not illegal to test them. You can learn more about drug testing kits here.

Remember you might have readers on your rave website that are raving for the first time. If your content is a simple message written to educate about raves it should be fine.

Other Ways To Stay Safe At Raves

Remember some raves are extremely busy, hot, loud and at times overwhelming. When writing about safety elaborate on all these to encompass your mission to teach.

There is no real reason to sound negative when writing, after all, it stands a chance you may be an Old Skool raver with knowledge. If you have encountered safety problems write about how you solved them.

The most common awareness we all have is the freedom to express ourselves on the dancefloor. It’s extremely hot at most raves so consider writing about some solutions as to how to rest rehydrate and refresh.

Chillout rooms are common at raves and there are many stories and memories that surround them. Really go to town and reminisce how you controlled some time in a chillout room to re-energize.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and push yourself too hard. Consider your blog to cover ways around this. For example: remember to keep close to friends and plan on a meeting place if lost.

Include some stories about how you and your friends stayed safe at raves. Write content about the best solutions. This is the easiest way to get your reader’s attention to your rave website.

Blogging About The History Of Rave

How To Build A Rave Website With Tips & Tricks

Raves have lasted 30+ years so take it in your stride to include some information about the history of raves. Concentrate on how raves evolved and how house music played a huge part in it.

Think about the DJs, the famous tunes and the promotions that stood out. How did raves hit the UK mainstream and which tunes entered the UK charts? Did live PAs make a living from this and was it lucrative?

What effect did this have on the scene, moreover, was this a good movement at the time? Perhaps you could cover a post about reasons for keeping raves underground.

Rave Fashions And Styles

How did fashion evolve throughout the rave scene and why were people so open-minded towards dress codes? What do you remember seeing during your nights out?

Explain how people enjoyed the freedom to dress casually and without prejudice. Which outfits did you wear and what do you remember seeing as you overlooked the whole venue?

Did rave fashions and styles follow their own niche and if so what triggers your memory about dressing for a rave? Devote time to incorporating a review to acknowledge a certain dress sense you remember that still stands out today.

Famous DJs & Their Impact On The Scene

We all have our favourite DJs of the past, present and future. Was there a DJ that progressed and created a new sound? Top Buzz pioneered the dark sound of breakbeat and hardcore to produce some of the greatest sets in rave history.

Explain which DJs played what, where and when and the influence it had on the night.

Do you remember a night when the DJ stood out with the strength to experiment with new sounds? Like DJ Ratty at Amenesia, Donnington 1991 and how his fast-paced mixing and scratching stood out.

The Impact Of Technology On Rave Culture

Remember your rave website could have a niche with just one of my ideas. I’ve kept this website open to rave in general. Choosing a smaller niche will direct you towards a more accurate ranking on Google.

Technically speaking raves have evolved to extraordinary levels. From vinyl to CD the sound now has a fresher clearer sound to it, however, do ravers miss the old conception of vinyl?

Do you think vinyl sounds better than CDs in terms of quality? Has vinyl been put aside forever or is it making a comeback? Some say vinyl is more surreal and creates a more unique sound.

The sound of vinyl records arises because the grooves on the record allow for an open, resonant quality. How does this quality help nurture a rave towards a better live performance from a DJ?

The Implications & Restrictions Of Rave

Drive truth into your blogs and concentrate on what your audience wants to learn. Always remain resilient in your quest to be a great blogger or online business owner.

Illegal raving often reminds us of how raves became so popular, however, it also expresses the restrictions and implications. The Criminal Justice Bill changed how we can rave today and in the future.

Raves became more mainstream and the super promotions took hold of the situation to hold some of the best nights in rave history. What are your memories of this and how did it change you?

Were there any implications as to how you could have fun if so tell us about your memories of the restrictions holding you back? Did the Criminal Justice Bill stop you from having fun?

Tell your audience which were better illegal or legal raves and why.

Rave Ethics & Values

We all value meetings with like-minded people to share our time with, furthermore, it’s the essence of togetherness that works. Thinking about the ravers’ MOTO (PLUR) Do you still think this still exists today and if so why?

Tell your readers how your own personal experiences made raving so unique. Include a few short stories of truth, honesty and unity. How did this help you become a part of the larger-scale community?

Tell newbies stories of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Drive a sense of passion into your rave website and follow a path that teaches about the way we live our lives with such values.

What is The Future of Rave & EDM In General?

We have mentioned new ideas to create a website that is easier than you think. Think about last week, today and tomorrow when writing because this is the essence of blog creation.

What did people think back in time? What are your views on today’s raves? and how do you see the future?

Raving took us on an exhilarating journey, a journey of being at one with those we respect the most. Dancing together has never been so incredible. What are your ideas about this?

Do you still rave or have you hung up your boots? Write about your memories and express to your readers how raves influenced you. Has EDM come to a standstill or is there a new rave culture waiting for the right time to reunite?

Creating a Rave Website Conclusion

The essence of most websites is to choose a narrowed-down niche. We’ve added lots of ideas for you to follow. It’s harder to write for a narrowed-down niche than a broader one. Take some time on choosing then develop a great writing attitude.

Try to become the teacher of your subject and review as much as you can to create a blog or webpage. Our blog pages teach much about how to do that along with this post.

Whatever your business upholds always use information that is helpful in nurturing your reader’s trust. Be truthful and grab onto the theory of SEO and website content creation.

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