How to Change Your Life – Become A Raver

I know it’s hard to become a raver if you haven’t been before and I know You’re looking for a change. If you ask me directly I would say just go to your first event and be welcomed.

For some, it’s not that easy even for me 30 years on I still get excited to attend. If this is your first time it’s going to be the best time of your life. Choose well and make sure you’re going with friends.

I mention being with friends if you’re taking your first Ecstacy pill this is because there are a lot of pure MDMA pills flying about now and I can’t tell you if it’s going to be a good journey or not, maybe too much.

The Journey!

You simply can’t plan a journey on your own where each dose of MDMA can be different. It’s nothing to worry about if you going for the musical buzz believe me there’s a huge buzz in the atmosphere and music without MDMA.

Mental Health Issues

If you’re searching for a real buzz, yes MDMA is a boost, however, think about your health and future. I suffered for a long time maybe 10 years after but never regretted it. Being a part of the rave scene has changed me fully.

I suffered but never lost contact with those who still explain to me that those days were the best days of our lives. Changing your life to become a raver has multiple benefits and many satisfactions.

The Benefits & Satisfactions

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: Official Charts

Let’s get this straight whether you like it or not you’re going to meet a lot of friends. These friends might give you a pill for free and this is the norm, however, make sure these are your long-lasting true buddies.

If you’re going to become a raver you’re going to be asked about favourite tunes, DJs and MC’s this comes naturally and there is no hard pressure to know at the start. I mention this because you’re going to speak about your first night over and over again!

6, months in you’ll be reeling off DJ names, MC’s lyrics and tunes that changed the night’s atmosphere from DJ to MC from lighting systems to the general cod shit we all speak in chill-out rooms.

Believe me, you’ll remember everything. If you want to become a raver and position yourself believe me setting the wheels in motion is 100% natural and unlike being drunk when you can’t remember anything.

How We Lasted 30+ Years

It’s no big secret alcohol ruins lives due to a lack of memory and those that are influenced by it often repeat offences over and over again. I don’t wish this for anyone more I want you to find a new direction if need be.

The Oldskool ravers have lasted so long because they remember everything (Fact) I hear ravers talk about events 35 years ago like it was yesterday. They relight fires to reminisce for all to enjoy.

We last because we remember. I lost a friend this year 2023 and friends organised a goodbye night locally in the Birmingham area. I walked in and everyone was like it was years ago.

The event had no problems, just lots of reminiscing and thoughts for Darren the deceased.

We have lasted 30+ years because we pride our past as an important creation of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. We live and remember tunes clearly from 30 years ago and count on the new material released today.

The Tunes We Remember Best

We are ravers and know when a good tune comes on almost straight away. Being a part of this and knowing a DJ’s style opens up a direction. We know what DJs play which genres and what brings the crowds. This is all about becoming a raver.

My Thoughts (2024) Going Back!

The landscape of electronic music in the UK underwent a substantial transformation from 1987 to 1992.

By 1991, dance music had evolved to possess a harder, faster, and more polished sound, thanks to advancements in music technology empowering producers to create tracks that were both weirder and more professionally crafted.

The history you don’t have to polish up to become a raver because it’s all about natural progression and learning one step at a time. Even for me tunes like Carl Cox’s ‘I Want You’ peaking at number 23 in the UK charts was amazing and until I hear it again remember every single night raving I had heard it..

The year 1991, as demonstrated, was eventful and marked by significant developments. Let’s delve into some of the standout rave records from that remarkable year.

Here’s Our Most Remarkable Tunes

I’ve selected a list of tunes almost all ravers from 30+ years ago know well. You don’t need to know these but try to put yourself in our past and help us relight the fire to get you onboard to a real community that that cares.

Simply can’t beat the Below playlist:


You can’t forget something you loved for so long and like anything it’s hard to forget such a precious time in your life. We try to forget the bad times but who cares being a raver there are no bad times to worry about and all those great times outweigh the bad.