How to Create Electricity in The Atmosphere at Raves

DJs back in 1991 knew how to create electricity in the atmosphere at raves which created the ultimate buzz. This powerful experience is what takes ravers on a journey on the dancefloor from a unique playlist.

DJs discovered that raves are all about the journey and creating a buzz with every single track. The big beat and breakbeats were selected with atmospheric vocals to lead the journey.

All this was accompanied by the MCs Lyrics that opened up a new passage to explore. It was like a different galaxy. This is the reason so many promotions chose futuristic space flyers to attract the ravers.

Every Venue & Promotion was Unique

The electricity in the atmosphere was so unique that even those who didn’t experiment with MDMA could join the journey. MDMA wasn’t for everyone and still, the dance floor had ravers jumping to electronic synths and breakbeats.

Every venue and promotion had a unique rule to follow, to drop as many big beats as possible to get the dancefloor rocking. It was this unique existence of electronic music that paved a new direction for EDM.

When energised and being a part of the buzz It has been psychologically tested that music relieves stress.

The 90s were stressful times for the economy hence so many people joined the rave revolution for more freedom. In 2023 it is likely to be the same with the economy, therefore, ravers will want more freedom to let loose.

The big question is can we all be taken on a journey for the second time?

The Time is Now for DJs to Rise

For the New Budding Hardcore DJs to Relight the Scene

There is no better time other than now to energise and create a new buzz. The dance floors in venues are waiting for ravers to unite and become one family again.

It’s time to locate and delve deep into your record collection to carve a path for new DJs. Of course, we also need the older DJs to show us the direction like navigators of the universe.

There is no time like now to think about the future of rave. Is EDM shouting out for us to reload the scene with new fresh beats to fill the dancefloor? My guess is EDM needs a new direction.

I feel the time is now to get yourself booked into events before the rave explosion happens again. Hardcore knowledge is a bonus, however, no matter what rave genre you choose it’s now you need to focus on the future.

When Did Rave Peak?

Rave peaked around 1991 or at least that was the year everything came together to create perfection. People were ready for more freedom from a weak economy that held people back.

It was never expensive to go to a rave as most people drank water. The entry fees were affordable and the DJ lineup was always special. The atmosphere was created by a mixture of things.

What Creates the Atmosphere at Raves?

The Atmosphere at Raves was Sublime

Yes, people often took recreational drugs, however, it needed far more than that to drive electricity into the atmosphere. What made it special was The timing of the tracks, the MCs shouting out rhythmic lines and the lighting effects.

What made the atmosphere so special was the companionship on the dance floor. Do you remember that look when a great tune was dropped and ravers pouted their lips and looked around at others with a smile?

The journey was always unique and the DJs dropped tunes with rolling bass lines and high-frequency electronic synth leads followed by various vocal melodies. The vocal melodies often created a buzz and the whole building erupted.

Tracks like ”Such a Good Feeling” by brothers in Rythem and ”Where Love Lives” by Alison Limerick were often played at the end of the night. Ravers were sad it was over, however, ravers had other ideas.

What Happens After Raves

Raves never stopped after the event, they just ended for a while until people began congregating in cars and pounding out hardcore across the car park. People introduced friends of friends who met at service stations.

The Atmosphere in service stations was unreal with ravers joining others to talk about their own experiences at venues across the UK,

I always knew at some point the law would change, after all, imagine what families must have thought with 300 ravers sitting there chatting and singing along to someone’s stereo in the car park.

People often never slept until the day after the morning the event ended, that’s how much energy we had. House parties were common and sometimes ravers would go home in the afternoon to prepare to rave again the following night.

Being a Raver was a special experience one that opened up many personal avenues for those that danced in mainstream clubs. It caught on so much that sometimes a whole pub would empty to venture to a rave venue.

London Pubs’ Clubs and bars are now holding raves to create more revenue for ever-increasing rental fees. This is another reason I consider 2023 an important time for the rave scene.

Do You Have to Be Invited to Attend a Rave?

Absolutely not, ravers are the most open-minded people on the planet and accept anyone that has a friendly approach in life. My invitation came in 1990 to an Acid House Rave near my home.

The whole point of going to a rave is to attend it, make friends and exchange ideas for other gatherings. There’s simply no better way to make great friends that will last forever.

My Personal Venture into Raves

My Oldskool Days Were Unique – It Got Better & Better

Although I knew some people I had no idea what being a raver really meant. I had no idea the atmosphere would be so electric and that making new friends would be so easy.

I didn’t know that the following year 1991 would be the best time I would ever have. That was the beauty of raves when each one was unique and every night just got better and better. In my eyes, this is happening again slowly today.

I started going to The Eclipse in Coventry with two friends every week without fail. Then we later used to visit other raves around the country on certain nights.

I was invited to literally scores of raves each week, however, later ended up frequenting JJ’s and Quest in Wolverhampton.

Later in 1991, we went to Shelley’s in Stoke On Trent and as mentioned back to The Eclipse in Coventry. We ventured to these raves on many occasions due to the superb atmosphere.

That’s why even today meeting new rave friends is inspirational and exciting. You never know where your next rave will be. I don’t think age matters as long you’re healthy and aware.

Rave Technology

Technology today has fast-forwarded at such a rate soon we will be walking on the moon again. Imagine a sound system so powerful the bass can move you from one side of the venue to the other.

Lighting has become super powerful with mega-clear images from lasers lighting up the venue. Tomorrowland is a modern-day festival that highlights how advanced lighting systems and lasers have become.

With thousands attending a sound system has to sound as good at the back of the venue as it does at the front. The problem these days is getting a license to host an event.

Sound Sytems, DJ tech gear and lighting have become so advanced and a huge mega-rave would benefit us, ravers, towards a little freedom to party.

Are New Raves Likely To Be Better?

Modern-day raves will be better, however, not until the scene really comes together again to unite for round two. Sure there are some excellent raves happening which are at most in celebration of 30 years of raves.

The movement of the modern-day rave has already begun and it’s likely to explode sometime soon. All the signs are there and it’s now at a time the economy is weak people need a time of dancefloor freedom.

What can be better than living entirely for the early hours without a second thought about getting to a desk at 9 am?  What can be better than attending a few raves again, making new friends and listening to some new, fresh breaks?

I hope your feeling the vibe when reading these posts and thinking about joining the forum for rave discussion. Our true movement is to progress together with our community to drive passion into rave to relight the energy again.