How To Get Media Press Pass Credentials For Raves

Are you searching for methods for obtaining media press pass credentials? Let’s move forward to enlighten you more about the passes and their power and purpose.

I’m assuming your business covers articles about DJs, events and promotions. Does your website or blog include interviews? Are your articles about famous artists? Does your website cover all things rave-related?

Remember that each event may have its own unique requirements and guidelines for obtaining media or VIP passes. This means you’ll need to prepare your application.

Your International Press Card

If you’re serious about your business an international press card is an ideal alternative for part- and full-time reporters, press photographers, PR specialists, journalists and media workers.

If you’re a part-time journalist and often feel underrepresented in the associations that mainly cover full-time media read on. Your path to venture into interviewing and reporting at raves could be closer than you think.

You’ll need to be a member of a media organisation licensed to document and release your Media ID Pass Card to enter into raves for media purposes. This, in turn, helps you receive your media press pass credentials from the rave organizers.

Apply For Your International Press Card

The easiest and most affordable route towards obtaining your International Press Card is to apply through GNS Press. There is no better route to begin your media career.

GNS Press is an international agency and the website is in various European languages. When you click the link above remember to click on the home link to read all about the program in English.

Do you want to operate like a true press and media professional? Here’s a breakdown of what GNS Press can offer you in terms of media passes and entrance to all raves and festivals all over Europe.

The Official Breakdown of The Benefits

It’s an easy process to follow to enhance your career and to make sure that the freedom of the press guaranteed by the state is not challenged. This means it’s such an easy exciting process and easier career to follow.

Start Your Career In Rave & Festival Media

How To Get Media Press Pass Credentials For Raves

It’s exciting isn’t being directed on how to begin your media career? I’ve made the first step easy enough for you, now let’s move on to the requirements needed from rave promotors and organizers.

If I’d known about this sooner I would have been doing it years ago.

Your next step is to obtain your media press pass credentials. This means a bit of groundwork.

This pass is rewarded to you once you have shown the organizers your Media ID Pass. (International Press Card) These are part of the credentials you need to get a media event pass.

The Rave – Research

You’ll need to research the event online. Does the production company have a website? Are there links on the website for media press passes and what other credentials do they need from you?

You may wish to contact other media groups that have covered raves there previously. They may direct you towards the process for media entrance and VIP opportunities.

Once you have the contact information it’s time to negotiate media passes for the venue. Show organizers your Accredited Media ID Pass and let them know who you are, and what your aim is for the night’s rave.

Think about the areas you need to access to control your media coverage and take note of the night’s lineup. Which DJs are playing? Are there any PAs or live bands? Are there restrictions on interviewing famous DJs? Which raves did the organizers promote in the past?

Meeting the Organizers

Once you have enough information and the organizers have considered your media work you’ll more than likely be asked for a meeting. If you’re already familiar with media work show them your portfolio.

This information could be of past events you have covered, who you have interviewed and a link to your social media groups. Show them photos and articles you have written for your website or blog.

If you’re new to the game be honest and explain your past and love for raves. Tell them how you’ll use the media research material from the night and show them any online media work you have done in the past such as blogs or websites.

How Not To Gain Media Entrance To A Rave

Looking on the bright side at least you’ll never have to go through Jip’s entrance to a Cardiff nightclub as shown in Human Traffic. You’ll have all the passes and permits to enter as many events as you can manage.

If you haven’t seen the video take a look.

Follow-Up Questions

Once your request is submitted for your media press pass credentials be sure to keep in contact with the organisers. Ask if there are any special requirements needed from yourself such as adhering to various rules and regulations.

Once you’ve been accepted be sure to plan the night like a real job. However, I do understand It’s fun to meet DJs and rub shoulders with the elite. It’s also a great job to write about raves and take wonderful photos.

Remember the better the coverage the night gets media-wise the more you’ll find work thereafter.

Conclusion – The Last Word

It’s exciting times and I enjoyed writing this post to express how easy the process can be to become involved in the press and media. I researched this ideally because I am following a similar route.

I’m a writer and have been writing all kinds of reviews about raves and festivals. This has opened up my own career to follow various business ideas in the future.

I gained my knowledge from previous SEO articles, posts and reviews for the process of making money online. Maybe it’s your turn to create your own online media business and report on raves and festivals internationally.