How to Join A Psychological Journey Raving for Fun

A Psychological journey towards enjoyment can’t be more witnessed than in a venue full of like-minded ravers. Having the right mindset for others by means of unity is where many new friends are made.

Through the knowledge of DJs and new up-and-coming artists and tracks, ravers flourish. Their knowledge of the scene is second to none and has much to do with why the scene has so much unity.

Through many, a conversation via word of mouth is where DJs became popular on the scene a scene where many DJs have lasted the whole duration. The journey DJs have taken us on has been unique.

The Psychological Journey Of A DJ

How to Join A Psychological Journey  Raving for Fun

Many Rave producers have remastered tunes for DJs to take us on a remarkable journey on the dancefloor. Vocals and drum loops and baseline attributes have been added to take the dancefloor by storm.

Hardcore was typically designed to route the journey into a frenzy leaving ravers with hands in the air shouting for a rewind or another tune. It made hardcore rave so unique. The Psychological Journey was born.

Taking into account the atmosphere and the heat it all meant that ravers would dance non-stop for around 10-12 hours.

The Underground Raves

Keeping raves underground came with total unity and respect as to how the scene would remain. European clubs that sponsored raves in the 1980s tried to limit the exposure of attendees to the public and to law enforcement.

It was much to do with keeping promotions to a selected crowd to keep it away from the press and the police. This lasted for some time until the Criminal Justice Bill arrived in the UK in 1994.

It never stopped unity and people from meeting from all over the UK, however, what it did mean was rave was to become more commercial.

Rave changed how EDM was to be heard and created various genres that originally branched off from house music. Keeping it underground meant it was safe from exposure.

Making Your Rave Nights Fun

It’s so easy to meet new people to have fun with at raves. Everyone who attends wants to have as much fun as possible. The music and the promotion set-up are important as to how raves are projected today.

The powerful sound systems with added lighting system and the occasional fun fair ride or gyroscope mean you can still touch down and have fun.

The atmosphere is electric and makes way for a lasting memory of DJs, MCs & PAs. Ravers always remember a DJ set and have much to talk about after the rave.

Making new friends is a large part of being at a rave and opens up many avenues to make lasting friends. It opens you up to a new scene with the opportunity to meet up and perhaps visit and attend a club local to your new friends.

The rave moto is called PLUR which means (Peace, Love, Unity & Respect) and is commonly known across the whole scene.

How Have Raves Changed Over the Years?

Raves have become more commercial, therefore it’s common to see many records being released into the mainstream dance charts.

Rave parties and clubs are now found throughout the United States and in countries around the world.

Once the legislation and legalities of the Criminal Justice Bill took hold in 1994 raves found it much harder to gain a license and the scene suffered. Also, the scene split and in some areas became darker.

It was no longer the fun-loving and happy nights of the past and there were pockets of trouble related to gun laws. This however is not how the scene is today and retro nights have reappeared once more showing old skool unity.

A series of films, exhibitions, memoirs and podcasts will reappraise free parties in the future showing how true unity took hold. Budding young DJs are now producing hardcore tracks inspired by the past.

What Makes a Rave Scene So Special

How to Join A Psychological Journey  Raving for Fun

The sheer magnitude of raves from past promotions is talked about even in today’s scene. Groups mingle generating new friends and experiences to pass on to others.

In raves, the Music is known for throwing basslines together with synths to gather momentum with powerful vocal messages. The DJ’s journey and technique are unique and masterful.

The determination to follow a DJ’s journey is an inspiration for most ravers. The willpower to last the night is first-class and often sublime.

Sure the rave scene isn’t as strong, however, does still throw emphasis on every single night. The atmosphere is electric and coordinated by each fresh track for the audience.

A Psychological Journey Of Atmospheric Perfection

The atmosphere can still be created, moreover, each fresh track is chosen for a journey for the audience. Ravers are the most liberal out there, always open to suggestions and ideas with open arms.

Travelling to Ibiza each summer is a raver’s escape to encounter quality nights out.

The Journey of atmospheric perfection was unique in Es Paradis in San Antonio, Ibiza. Classic raves nights to top the bill are always available in Ibiza in the summer months.

Travelling to meet other ravers and their scene is always top of the agenda. moreover, it creates that extra friend or two.

The willpower to exceed each and every time on the dancefloor was and still is the top requirement for freedom at raves.

The freedom to wear what you want is looked at in a non-criticized way with any type of clothing being the norm. No matter how you dress ravers are less likely to criticize.

The energy created at a rave is awesome with shouts out for a rewind or one last tune. The noise created both by the music, fog horns and whistles makes your ears buzz.

The Old Skool Raver & The Scene Today!

There are hundreds of thousands of Old Skool ravers who love the scene as we did in 1991. The scene split, however, the memories never faded. Many still attend the special nights.

With the love for Old Skool tunes and the newer stuff coming out today, the scene still shines.

These days there are many genres, however, a true Old Skool raver knows about the modern and Old Skool scenes and classes both as important for the future of EDM.

Time has passed extremely fast, however, the music is still out there. The explosive arrival of the rave and the journey it took us on will never be forgotten.