How To Join An EDM DJ Competition: Experience Wins

The DJ Mag Top 100 poll annually ranks the most popular and influential DJs in the electronic dance music (EDM) industry. Do you want to become a recognised, successful DJ by entering an EDM DJ competition?

First, you must research your competition and check out other DJ activities online. You’ll be amazed at the amount of DJs that have succeeded in promoting themselves online.

Many competitions require you to submit a DJ mix as part of the application process. There may be guidelines and rules such as the amount of time you play, the genre you choose and how you interact with the audience.

The Motivation – This Could Be You!

The winner of the 2002 DJ Mag 100 Best DJ Awards went to Martin Garrix a Dutch DJ, producer, and musician who rose to fame with his breakthrough hit “Animals” in 2013.

At just 17 years old, Martin Garrix became the youngest artist to ever reach the number one spot on Beatport’s Top 100 chart with the mentioned “Animals.” Martin has won multiple MTV Europe Music Awards and DJ Mag Top 100 rankings

He is now only second to fellow Dutchman, Armin van Buuren, with his five No. 1s. At the tender age of 26 throws enthesis that winning the award bears no age restrictions. By Entering an EDM DJ competition you could be next.

The Initial Application

How To Join An EDM DJ Competition: Experience Wins
How To Join An EDM DJ Competition: Experience Wins

Fill out the application form and submit your DJ mix before the deadline. Remember to express yourself and complete all the required application fields such as social media accounts, previous experience and successful gigs.

Many competitions require you to submit a DJ mix as part of the application process. Make sure your mix is of good quality, is connected to competition rules and more importantly is a set you adore.

Create a mix that showcases your skills, style, and musical taste. The judges may ask questions about your selection of tunes so they can learn more about your knowledge in the industry.

Make sure you submit your mix in the right file format.

Martin Garrix’s Music Style

Martin Garrix’s music style is characterized by his use of uplifting melodies and catchy hooks, which have helped to make him one of the most popular and successful DJs in the world.

Promote Your Mix On Social Media

You’ve created a superb variation of your mix for the EDM Dj competition and taken the time to review each track. It’s exciting times, although can be nervous, however, you must move forward. It’s time to create a fanbase and get your mix on the web.

Ask and encourage your fans to listen and share your mix to help increase visibility and improve your chances of getting noticed by the competition judges. There may be questions about your social media fanbase so I can’t express how important it is to work on your social media skills.

Remember to note down your social media accounts and the amount of fanbase you have. To gain momentum I would express to your followers about the competition and what it means to you to gain their support.

Competition Preparation

Now you’ve applied and begun promoting your mix it’s time to prepare. No matter the situation you must manage your time with continued practice. Master the set, learn about each track and become 100% familiar with the whole meaning.

Make sure your DJ equipment is in good condition and you have all the necessary cables and adapters. Any doubts upgrade your equipment because it’ll play a huge part in how you play.

Great You’ve Been Selected

Give it your best shot and make your mix take the audience on an exhilarating journey. Showcase your skills and musical style as I explained about Martin Garrix.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things. Stay in line with your practised set with a few extras thrown in. If you’re feeling confident this could be the best set you have ever played.

Remember, the competition is a great opportunity to gain exposure and connect with other DJs and industry professionals. Even if you’re not selected as one of the chosen winners you have promoted yourself for free.

Dj agencies tend to look at losers as an inspiration to unwind from the loss and move forward to help you become something extremely special. This is how many Djs entering numerous competitions soon become successful.

Skills Learned From Competitions

No matter the outcome win or lose many skills are learned from being in front of a judging panel. Playing for high-in-demand DJ agencies is nerve-racking let alone having other famous DJs watching and listening to you.

Don’t feel less important to other DJs because this is your message of professionalism to be acquainted and able to deal with fame. Let’s face it one day you’ll succeed and having a great mindset will help you.

Joining an EDM DJ competition is just one way to gain exposure and build your career as a DJ.

Keep practising and honing in on your skills to deliver great fresh sets with new sounds and experimentations. Include loops and uplifting vocals accompanied by big beats that will separate you from the others.

Join Your First EDM DJ Competition

It’s a nervous time bearing in mind you may not have played your set in front of an important industry crowd yet. I’m going to throw emphasis on the world’s largest EDM competition.

Back to the DJ Mag, where I’m going to introduce you to the DJ Mag 100 Best DJs poll where you are a winner if you get within the first 100. It’s a great way to get exposure regardless of winning ot not.

The DJ Mag Top 100 DJ poll is an annual ranking competition of the most popular and influential DJs in the electronic dance music (EDM) industry. That’s the reason it’s vital to get a following on social media to gather votes.

How To Participate

Let’s say you now have a great social media following subscribed to your channel. To participate in the poll, voters must create an account on the DJ Mag website and select up to five of their favourite DJs.

If you have a website or social media account you can direct your fans on how to vote. They can also add write-in candidates if their preferred DJ is not on the list. Just make sure one of their five votes is you if you apply.

Build a following

To be voted in the poll, you need to have a significant following of fans who are passionate about your music. You’ll need to play high-quality tunes and be diverse in your choice.

This means promoting your music through social media, playing live shows and developing a fanbase that creates awareness about your career. Make sure you follow a professionally developed path with what I have Expressed.

Don’t forget to respond to followers’ messages and comments, and show appreciation for their support.

Collaborate With Other Artists

Collaborating with other artists can help raise your profile within the industry and expose your music to new audiences. If other artists believe the skills you possess can create a great atmosphere you’ll get great exposure.

Play At Major Festivals And Events

Every Djs dream is to be headlined at major events so increase your professionalism to play at large events. This is where votes will come in fast when the voting begins. People never forget a great set or DJ who can deliver a superb set of mixing mastery.

Making the EDM community your best friend can help to increase your visibility and exposure within the community where your journey into the competition will become far more active.

The Final Word

If your ambition is to grow into a great DJ, one that has worked hard to create a following from commitment then great. If you’re successful in building a strong following and reputation within the EDM community, you may be considered for DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll.

Voting has closed for 2023, however, this will give you time to adhere to everything I have explained for 2024 and thereafter. It’s the EDM competition most Djs dream of winning to gain unlimited exposure.

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