The Rave Dance Workout 1991- How to Lose Weight

Many years ago 30+ to be exact rave music and EDM took a turn towards a more energetic dance formula. It was a 12-hour+ mission to last all night like a marathon dance workout.

Most ravers who joined in on the rave revolution of the 1990s will remember the famous rave dance moves. In 1991 the energy was so intense that raving for 12 hours became a common workout.

The greatest reason we lost weight and stayed healthy was due to the fact we loved the music, the people and the scene.

It’s obvious to highlight that when we are doing something we love we don’t seem to notice the benefits it offers. Like reading brings knowledge raving brings fitness.

The Famous Rave Dance Workout of 1991

The formula for the rave dance workout was almost like the chicken dance and the well-known big box, small box, and cardboard box move as illustrated in the video below.

The dancefloor was at its peak in 1991 when hardcore filled the air at raves all across the UK. Hardcore Breaks and the track speed meant we were using far more energy than normal.

The pure energy at raves meant people taking small towels to wipe the sweat off their foreheads as the night moved on. The dance moves in 1991 meant lots of hands in the air waving.

Ravers had a move of walking on the spot and waving hands in the air. The more the DJ took us on a journey the more we experimented with moves. It was common to shed a few pounds in one night.

If You want to decrease your body weight start going to raves, quit drinking and eat lots of carbohydrates. The fun and buzz aspect of it will keep you 100% dedicated and interested.

The Era Before Raves – Dance Workout

Most people before raves attended pubs and mainstream clubs. This was fun although meant more drinking, more eating and sleeping far too much. Knowone likes hangovers right?

When you drink alcohol you tend to become hungry. It meant a curry or burger from the local burger van became the norm. Eating straight after drinking is how we put on the pounds.

Sure there were good times, however, nothing compared to raves for shedding a few pounds and getting fit. Drinking too much alcohol dehydrates the body which is something many of us have done.

The era before raves wasn’t so much about dancing, moreover, it was more about talking and joking while getting intoxicated but it was fun with the dating game going on.

I’m not saying drinking is bad, however, how many times can you remember drinking water at a mainstream nightclub on a big night out? Ravers danced, rehydrated with water and danced more.

The Comradeship On the Rave Dancefloor

How to Lose Weight - The Rave Dance Workout 1991
How to Lose Weight - The Rave Dance Workout 1991

The Comradeship on the dance floor was unique and the whole venue was one family. When the music changed so did the dance techniques and ravers communicated by moving around the whole night shaking hands.

You could be dancing thirty yards away from someone who catches your eye and then there is a smile and a thumbs up. There weren’t any bad vibes or fighting just pure energy and motivation.

Peace, love, unity and respect became a true message to each other on the scene and many unique friendships still last today.

Did Drugs Create Energy For The Dance Workout?

Recreational drugs were common at raves, however, it wasn’t for everyone. In my eyes, the natural vibe and energy from the people and the music were what rocked a venue.

Sure drugs were common, furthermore, they did play a part in the euphoria of the night, however, it wasn’t something that worried people at the time. Far more people suffer injuries or violence by drinking too much alcohol.

The media told the whole story about raves being drug-induced parties of madness. If this were the case why was there so little trouble and a rarity of drug fatalities?

It’s a shame that the scene split and eventually almost stopped. The Criminal Justice Bill meant many restrictions towards promotions and raving all night ceased. There wasn’t any control over raves as we knew them.

Knowing When to Stop Raving

Although it might seem great to lose weight and stay trim sometimes too much raving and not eating creates health issues. This is rare, however dancing for 12 hours can bring on fatigue.

We Might not notice ourselves until others say we have lost too much weight or are looking gaunt. My dad used to call me pasty face when I was drinking at pubs before rave.

I think if I have to be honest raving did keep my weight down, furthermore, I always stayed healthy. My friends after raves asked me how I stay so fresh looking and I just said I eat sleep rave and repeat.

When you’re raving too much the dance workout becomes too repetitive and you need time to unwind. I think raving once a week is enough and that’s my reason for being able to do it for so many years.

Knowing when to take a break from raving is the key to being able to return and become one again on the dancefloor.

What Do Old Skool Ravers Do Today?

How to Lose Weight - The Rave Dance Workout 1991
How to Lose Weight - The Rave Dance Workout 1991

Old Skool ravers tend to be humble and protective of the rave scene because it is a part of history. Some say that it can’t be repeated but most old Skool ravers wish it to return.

For many that have hung up their shoes and settled down, it’s still a real true highlight of their lives.

It’s always going to be a huge part of our lives with millions of stories and nights that simply can’t be beaten.

Sure Old Skool ravers suffer from nostalgia and some feel the effects of recreational drugs later on in life. This hasn’t been proven, however, my guess is there is some evidence for those that overdid it.

It’s a fact that a good 12-hour dance workout fine-tunes the body. I often wonder how many ravers now 50+ years old look at photos and wonder about their weight now.

The difference is it’s about doing something we love to be a part of and not having to hit the gym every day

If you’re thinking about raving in these modern times take note it’s the best exercise you will get.

How To Find The Best Raves

If your considering taking up a few nights out on the rave scene that’s great. You’ll shed the pounds in no time and enjoy every second of it. Finding nights is easy just read social media and join some groups.

There are hundreds of social media groups on Quora, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Join as many groups as you want and buddy up with some ravers.

Meeting people is essential and will open up far more doors for you to choose nights out. leave a few replies for the ravers to answer to see if they are going to attend or not.

Having a crowd of friends is amazing especially when the nights are in mid-flow and the beats are pumping across the room. You’ll meet lots more people making your entourage even bigger.

The modern raver has technology on their side in the form of high-end mobile phones. Taking photos is much easier with superb quality. Also, it’s far easier to meet people online these days to rejoice.

Taking photos of high-energy nights shows the true ability we have to dance for hours without a break. It shows how much energy is in the atmosphere.

Whatever your decision make raving a hobby to enjoy the nights as much as the journey will take you on the dancefloor. Rave on from 1991 and help history repeat itself.