How To Promote A Rave & Easily Pack A Venue Out

Your number one goal when you promote a rave is to concentrate on what the audience wants. Your customers should always come first to achieve maximum success.

Technology has evolved and promotions via social media are far easier to achieve. Sound engineers are qualified to deliver the best sound systems and create the ultimate atmosphere.

Everything from the DJ lineup to the sound system is dependent on the overall planning. Fantazia, Panadomium, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter and Raindance are some of the 90’s best rave promoters.

The reason raves were so successful in 1988-1991 was much to do with the planning. Each rave night had its theme and DJs needed to be selected to take the audience on a journey.

Networking & Social Media

How To Promote A Rave & Easily Pack A Venue Out

You may have been networking on social media and suffered rejection from various venue owners or sound engineers. It’s all about planning and showing that you can drive a promotion and fill the venue from top to bottom.

If it’s a licensed venue such as a club or a bar the owner wants to know if his bar will sell as much as possible. If you can prove the punters will arrive In their droves the rest is simple.

Maybe it’s the first time you have thought about how to promote a rave and need to concentrate on a venue. If you are web savvy there are lots of sound engineering companies and training about Powerful Sound Systems.

Don’t forget that it’s a risk if your promotion skills aren’t 100% effective. Networking and solid use of social media will help you gather momentum.

It’s much easier these days, Fantazia started off small, however, took raves to a new level without Social Media

Fantazia’s One Step Beyond was the Mega-Rave of the 90s. The planning was unique and over 25,000 danced for ten hours. The only real setback was the state of the land afterwards.

If your planning isn’t 100% effective to secure a venue keep networking for the ideal location. Start off small and increase attendance as your business evolves. Don’t worry about DJs until you can secure a venue.

Choosing DJs for Events – Promote A Rave

It’s all about creativity and trusting your DJs to throw a journey into the night’s theme. Back in the early ’90s, the theme was space and time. Many hardcore tunes reflect this theme.

Don’t book too many DJs for your first event, moreover, concentrate on those that can deliver and create an incredible atmosphere. If you want to promote a rave power up your friend DJ list.

Include a couple of headliner DJs and a few up-and-coming DJs to keep your cost down. If you are an older raver perhaps your social media accounts are full of DJs. It’s time to get to work and network your promotion.

Contact Djs directly on Facebook and concentrate on price Vs professionalism and trust. In the past DJs often never turned up which ruined the night of expectation from the ravers to listen to their favoured DJ.

If you’re going to be a rave promoter chances are you’re savvy about the rave scene. Use this knowledge to attract and nurture your promotion’s needs to the max. People like those that know a lot about a niche.

If you need a mentor include the likes of those that are 100% connected with the scene. There are thousands of Digital Music Marketing Agencies out there. educating yourself is the key to success.

To round that up you can even find training and mentors that are rave related, moreover willing to educate you. Being educated on marketing and promotions is a great tool to possess for a winning formula.

Hang Out with Likeminded People

It’s highly unlikely someone outside the rave scene would promote a night without paying for the expertise. If your friend list is full of ravers that’s great it means you can share your knowledge and get tons back too.

You could set up a Facebook business page with your promotion company’s name and create posts a little like I’m doing for you on this website. It’s important to hang out with like-minded people.

This in effect will keep you focused in terms of your promotional expertise. Some ravers may know tons about your niche and share it with you. It’s a fact your promotion will be full if you find thousands of like-minded people.

Set up as many social media accounts as you can and cross-channel them to invite all your friends to all of them. Gain momentum and invite as many ravers as possible.

LinkedIn and Facebook are really great as you can see related people in the network of people you’ve already connected with. Keep reaching out to people as much as possible because once your flyer has gone up the game starts.

The Expectations of Making Money

Making money should not be your first priority at the beginning. It’s all so often a new event will make a small loss at the beginning. As your promotions get more popular there will be an increase in revenue.

Think about putting some money aside when you are making money towards your next rave. This is how most of the large rave promotions began and look how well they are doing today.

EDM is a huge business to be in and there is a lot of competition towards hiring venues and securing DJs for the right price. Use your money wisely and offer the venue owner a cut of ticket sales if need be.

Over time you will learn how to promote a rave better and make them more profitable. You just need to stick it out long enough. By learning how to promote a rave the rest is mostly money-related when success is definite.

You might not be considering being a lone promoter from where your partners will also help with payments. This is great as long as you draw up an agreement and have the business signed and sealed by the tax office.

Choose Old Skool – Promote A Rave

As this website mostly covers the Old Skool scene I know that most Old Skool nights are generally full to the brim. That’s why being a rave promoter for Oldskool can be lucrative.

However, It’s not a genre that can be promoted every week more often in a different city each month. It’s not like the old times when a new tune came out a few times a week.

The scene was upgraded each week with new DJs, new tunes and better venues. The rave scene in the 90s was on full throttle hence promotions happened every single week all over the country.

The best part about this was how much it caught on as over a million ravers partied each week up and down the country. This was when promotors made more money.

Choosing Old Skool is excellent if you’re putting on a promotion for the thousands. There have only been two events in the last few months I would attend and a biggy coming up in April 2023.

Get a Videographer

In the early 90s, it was hard to view coverage of the raves we attended. iPhones and new gadgets now appear every day. Technology is now showing us videos that are so sharp it feels like you are there.

Hiring a videographer is one of the best options for your promotions. Even if you haven’t organised your night yet you can record the making of your business. You can have photo’s taken for Social Media.

You can record interviews and podcasts and even have your whole website imagery done with great videos about your business. Make technology your friend and use it to the best of your knowledge.

Promote A Rave & Have Fun Learning How

Have fun! It’s really important. All the effort that it takes to promote and put on an event is really high, but if you don’t enjoy it, then what’s the point?

The amount of time it takes means meeting a lot of people via networking and social media, therefore having fun making new friends is essential. Establish a new you, a person that solves problems.

Show initiative, explore avenues and create social effectiveness, moreover collaborate and learn from people. Take notes, furthermore control time via time management.

Love what you do, furthermore, show charisma towards all that follow you. Be open to constructive criticism and learn from mistakes. Laugh when things get difficult and control your emotions.

Tell people who you are and what you do, moreover, be proud that it is you entertaining others via your business. Be open and available because fame gained can be fun.

It’s you that is learning how to promote a rave, therefore, giving others a place to enjoy and have a wild time. be cautious with plans always have a backup and always project on a raver’s needs.