How to Remember the Summertime Rave 1992 & DJ Sasha

Do you remember Universe 1992, Adventures on Pleasure Planet? It was the night DJ Sasha and MC Joe Peng carved history. It is one of the most sought-after sets in the 90s that still provides a rare, however, privileged access to the rave scene as it was.

MC Joe Peng’s Lyrics and DJ Sasha’s tunes lived up to the expectations of the raver. The event proved that House Music and Hardcore Rave could run together to Congress and control one of the best raves remembered.

Joe Peng’s simple but effective lyrics proved simple but effective with the now-famous set played by DJ Sasha. For me, it’s one of those raves I will never forget. For thousands of others, it remains one of the best sets of the 90s

About MC Joe Peng

MC Joe Peng

Born in Cornwall on a Gipsy site, Joe is a Romany Gypsy boy. At the age of 12, Joe eventually established his residence in Bristol. Departing from His father’s collection of reggae in 1985, his initial musical affinities gravitated towards The Specials.

In the vibrant scene of Bristol, Joe Peng kickstarted his MCing journey in 1991 at the iconic Ecstatic. His inaugural collaboration unfolded alongside none other than the legendary Jumping Jack Frost.

Adventures on Planet Earth, Universe 1992, Friday 19th August showed Joe’s control to be at the forefront of the rave scene. The set is one of the favourite sets even today 2024 for all UK ravers.

The Famous Joe Peng’s Lyrics

  • Sound of the summertime sound of the summertime.
  • You’re Listening to The Number 1 DJ Sasha.
  • DJ Sasha bringing it on.
  • Bust The Move Bust The Move.
  • Nice & Easy Lemmon Squeezy.
  • Sounds of the Itelleligent DJ Sasha to the Ladies.
  • Digga Digga Digga DJ Sasha!
  • Going out to the Man in the Tottenham Shirt.

The Famous DJ Sasha’s Set

DJ Sasha

DJ Sasha, whose real name is Alexander Paul Coe, began his career in the late 1980s. He gained prominence during the early 1990s and is considered one of the pioneers of progressive house and trance music.

Sasha played a significant role in the development and popularization of electronic dance music (EDM) during that era. He proved that given each opportunity throughout the 90s he could express rave to win over the ravers throughout the UK.

With Joe’s lyrics and DJ Sasha’s ease of manoeuvring the crowd, history was written. Universe’s summertime 1992 event holds tight to one of the most prolific sets from a joint DJ And MC set.

What the Ravers Say!

Ravers still comment on Universe’s Adventures on the Planet Pleasure 1992 even today 30 years on. It’s hard to obtain a true release copy of this rave in all its true glory even today.

It’s hard to guess in reality as to why this set means so much. My philosophy is the set came at the perfect time. 1991 was hard to beat, however putting all the messages, music and raver’s experiences together Universe was beaming with atmosphere.

Ravers know where they come from, they remember the past and what positioned them to go to Universe. DJ Sasha and Mc Peng’s set made us understand where we came from and what we came to love.

For many first ravers, it was class. I was listening more to hardcore back then, but I heard some of this set live. “Nice and easy lemon squeezy” 😁

One raver said: ”I remember thinking Joe Peng didn’t sound right with House.” However, she ended up buying a tape and listened to it over and over! Brilliant set.

It is a massive set all over the UK now. However, not everyone heard it after the rave for a while. It was only big in the south Wales and the Bristol areas back then.

However, after leaving a comment on Raved in the 90s it’s obvious that most ravers have heard or have a copy of this set somewhere in their collection. I’m going to keep this short and sweet. It was a true privilege to attend.

What Ravers Are Saying!

Remember Those Days?

No matter what anyone tells you knowone can argue if you went to Universe Sasha’s set changed history. However, It doesn’t matter if you were there or not the key point here is it’s a set you must hear.

It’s time to conclude this post and I hope you enjoyed it. This is a true masterpiece of what we are listening to today and how we as ravers have evolved so grab a seat and press play.