How To Write Captivating Reviews About The Rave Scene

It’s hard to express a whole lot of good when a night has so many negatives. Most legal raves are followed by exhilarating captivating reviews that direct readers into a good honest reflection on how a night concluded.

The whole point of writing reviews is the capture how the rave unfolded. How did it go with the authorities? Were all expectations met by promoters? Was it something you would recommend to others or not?

Are you writing about the illegal rave scene? If so the truth must be told. I’ve spent a whole lot of time writing all about raves in general. That’s my niche, therefore, I know there are a few logical rules to follow.

There are positives and negatives, however, as a writer, your job is to have your reviews read. No matter how you reflect there are always reviews that people prefer to read so remember to follow my guidelines to succeed.

It’s essential, to be honest in your review, so if there were any negative aspects of the event, be sure to include them. This could be anything from long queues to overcrowding.

Your Reviews Need Headlines

How To Write Captivating Reviews About The Rave Scene

You’ll need a catchy headline to start your article. The media were good at highlighting disappointing facts about the rave scene in the 90s. Music magazines did some great reviews to express the final curtains. Let’s take a look below:

  • Police crackdown on illegal raves as thousands defy lockdown rules – The Guardian, 1991
  • Ravers protest proposed legislation, argue for the right to party – BBC News, 1995
  • Rave culture fades as dance music evolves into new genres – Mixmag, 1998
  • Ravers clash with police at illegal warehouse party – The Independent, 1992

Not all captivating reviews from reporters are negative. I found there are more positives than negatives when I did my research to assist you. Lets’s take a look below:

  • Rave culture brings people together in a celebration of music and community – Mixmag, 1990
  • Rave scene inspires a new wave of creativity in fashion, art, and music – Dazed, 1991
  • Ravers unite for peace at a massive outdoor festival – The Independent, 1992
  • Rave music becomes a global phenomenon, putting the UK on the map – Billboard, 1996

If you’re a raver my secondary list will appeal to you far more. However, if you’re a freelance writer taking no sides both lists will appeal to you. Not everyone chooses a positive review.

Starting With Your Introduction

Your introduction doesn’t have to be a lengthy starting point, moreover, get straight to the point. Come up with a title that captures the essence of the event and begin your review.

Consider puns, alliterations or any other creative method to make it eye-catching from the beginning. Readers enjoy captivating reviews that tell a story and highlight an important overall message.

Consider an introduction that provides some context about the event. What date did the event take place? Where was the event held? What time did it start? and When did it finish?

Describe The Atmosphere

If you’re going to review a rave take into account the atmosphere. It’s an important necessity when reviewing, moreover, it keeps the reader interested in wanting to have been there or in some cases not.

Here’s an example snippet from my Breakbeat Review

Big beats were dropped with piano choruses and lyrics that mastered the feel-good factor and created a euphoric buzz. People razed hands in the air and sang along to the atmospheric lyrics.

The essence of reviewing the atmosphere guides the reader to a choice. Do they want to go to the next event? Is your review of the event something that embraces them? Your article should answer much about the feeling of actually being there.

Think about the people at the event and describe how the atmosphere reflected on their night. Was this a typical example of the rave scene?

Remember to write about the interactions the crowd had with the music atmospheric-wise. This should teach your readers more about feelings. Was the audience rocking to the beats? Did the DJ take them on a dancefloor journey of excellence?

Remember if the night didn’t go to plan to describe the downfalls. Why was the DJ disappointing? Did the sound system have problems? Was the rave too loud or too quiet?

Discuss The Music

Music is the core reason for attending a rave so it’s important to express what music was played. The music is the heart of a rave, so make sure you provide a detailed analysis of the DJs, genre, sound quality and any notable performances.

Take into account how the rave made you feel. Did the music satisfy your expectations? Have you decided to go to the next event from the same promotors and if so why?

Which tunes created a buzz? What was your favourite tune of the night? Did the DJ impress the crowd? Were the playlists played down to perfection or didn’t some DJs live up to your expectations? Which tunes were played that sent the crowd into euphoria?

Discuss The Crowd

Your audience, the readers want to know about those that attended: Was the crowd friendly? Did you make new friends? Was the venue packed to the rafters or was it half full? How did the crowd influence the night?

Reviewing the crowd is essential because it’s them that create the energy along with the DJs. Was the crowd a mix of all backgrounds? Was the dancefloor packed right until the end or did people leave before?

Raves are common in that the crowd tend to hang around afterwards in car parks playing tunes. What was the closing experience like with the masses leaving? Was there any trouble or was it the true PLUR effect?

Mention any standout moments, such as a memorable interaction with someone. Where did you meet them? Did you meet them on the dancefloor, in the chillout room or outside after the event?

Captivating Reviews & The Conclusion

Sum up your experience and give your overall opinion of the event. In your own words create a conclusion that reflects honesty. Would you go again? Is this one of the best venues you have been to or not?

If you have any personal experiences or anecdotes, include them in all captivating reviews. This will make your reviews more engaging and relatable. Most people enjoy reading about personal accounts.

Taking note of all I have explained you’ll be sure to create a well-rounded review that accurately portrays your experience at a rave. For me, It’s exciting to have a website or blog that throws light on the rave scene and answers questions for all.

No matter the reason for writing a review, true experiences will show enthusiasm. As your readers become favoured towards your content you can count on writing authoritative reviews that grow in popularity.