Photo ID Media Press Pass & How To Rave for Free

You’ve been on the rave scene for years and now want a new challenge. You’ve met DJs, producers, organizers and musicians, however, now you want to be involved in media. Great! Your Photo ID Media Press Pass is a ticket to rave for free.

It’s not only to help you rave for free, but it’s moreover, to direct you towards a career for enjoyment in progressing with a media career to help you keep you on the rave scene.

You’ll require various credentials and proof of ability to report and interview people at events. You’ll need a website, a blog and a portfolio of your media work to show event organisers.

I’m going to be covering how to obtain your credentials for a smooth transition into working in media for raves and festivals. You’ll find it astonishing how easy the system can be.

How to create a Media Blog or Website

Opportunities to build your website:

  • Wix, a popular platform for creating websites with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Squarespace – A website builder with a range of templates and easy-to-use tools.
  • – a user-friendly platform – with pre-designed websites & themes
  • Weebly – With a variety of customizable templates.
  • Jimdo – SEO optimization, and online store features for website projects.

Building a website will provide evidence to secure you a place in the venue. You will own a media business to attract promotors and event organisers towards your ideas.

I’m going to fast-track you towards gaining access to a Photo ID Media Press Pass so you can progress further.

If you’re new to online media it’s time to create a blog or website to implement media work for your audience. Your aim is to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

I suggest using WordPress due to its ease of use in terms of plugins and WP support to create your business. It’s no mission to build a website, it’s more about directing people to the next best event.

An event you’ll be reporting from!

Content for Your Website or Blog

Photo ID Media Press Pass & How To Rave for Free

There’s tons of content to use such as articles, videos, or podcasts.

If you’re unsure check out some of my blogs.

Writing articles, blogs and reviews is a media career. It takes around 25-30 posts for online traffic to gain momentum from where you can think about moving forward.

Share your blogs on social media, forums, and other online platforms to reach a wider audience. Tell everyone what your ambition is and create an all-around awareness of what you want to achieve.

Media Ideas For Revenue

There are numerous ideas available before applying to become a media worker. I’ve listed the obvious for your website.

  • Build a following on social media.
  • Pitch story ideas to publications.
  • Start a rave podcast.
  • Sell media photos and videos.
  • Sell Your media stories.
  • Monetize your media website.
  • promote events and sell tickets.
  • Network with other professionals

Researching this post was fun. MMO (Making Money Online) programs have taught me well, however, I consider media an exciting challenge. How to combine media work to create an online business at home appeals to me.

Let’s Move On!

The Positives About A Photo ID Media Press Pass

Anyone with a camera or mobile phone can apply for a Photo ID Media Press Pass. It takes minimal time to complete an application form to gain entrance to all rave events internationally.

It’s within anyone’s rights to media cover an event, which is part of the excitement about it.

An ID Badge will help you gain free entrance to raves. However, most raves allow free access to positive media reviews. Your review, on that note, should be honest.

You have the badge report good or bad – Negative Criticism Rules (LOL)

The Photo ID Media Press Pass is what you’ll provide to organisers and promoters with your credentials being your media business website and all references to any media work you have done.

You might have a tidy social media following (Cool) Dig in and prove it!

This shows you are serious about media work and you have a following.

Media Press Authority With GNS Press

Applying for a Photo ID Media Press Pass has never been easier. If you looking for a more international media career let’s get you started.

I’ve researched various agencies for journalists, reporters, press photographers and part-time journalists and now consider the below to be the best.

Overview About GNS Press

Agencies or government departments that show merit with accreditations for solving problems are a bonus. GNS Press never claims to make you a superstar media reporter overnight.

However, it covers vital information to guide you towards the media industry. It helps you make a decision to achieve with its membership and Media Press Pass ID Card.

The subscription fee includes a one-off admission fee (EUR 127.00) and the annual service charge. The service charge is EUR 36.00 for the first year and is only calculated on a proportional basis.

Express processing (72-hour service): one-time fee EUR 27.00

You can download the application form here: GNS Press (A World Of Media

Remember: You Can Cancel Anytime!

Media Press Pass Badge From GNS Press

The Final Word – Conclusion

Researching for this post was one of the most interesting research projects I’ve done. I’ve learned so much about where I’d like to be in the future. I’ve looked at media myself with other projects.

It’s a great career to maintain and earn revenue including being paid for your work via agencies and professional bodies. Your website can also be automated and monetised to earn revenue as your popularity grows.

One of the most essential aspects of media reporting is it gets you into venues with real people and real music. That’s cool because you can add everything you have learned to become a media entrepreneur into your business.

What you achieve in media on the outside world is vital. Meeting people, sharing ideas and enjoying yourself. There’s always time to control your media business website once you have enough content.

Wishing You The Best!