Ravewear & Your Choice to Stand Out in The Crowd

Ravewear is known to attract the masses with a touch of freedom. There isn’t much risk when it comes to dressing up for a rave. Almost anything goes apart from the obvious of wearing too little.

The rave scene has been and always will be a place where you can dress to impress. Although not formal it does include a touch of originality. Raves are unique when it comes to the freedom to stand out.

In the early days’ raves were attended by almost all types of people. From bankers to hippies from football fans to new-age travellers. It was this mix that filled the dancefloor with all kinds of people and ravewear trends.

Neon BodySuits

A neon lace bodysuit combines feminine lace and a keyhole back. Mostly but not always crafted from neon yellow lace and fishnet they stand out. The stand-out effect comes with the colours that illuminate the dancefloor with style.

If you’re slightly daring and imaginative you are sure to stand out and meet new friends asking you about your style. If you’re adventurous or audaciously bold go for this stand-out effect.

Favourite Rave Accessories

Ravewear & Your Choice to Stand Out in The Crowd

Glowsticks have been around for years, furthermore, ravers continue to light up the dancefloor with them today. To activate your glowstick regardless of size, you simply need to apply gentle pressure to the centre of the glowstick.

Glowsticks contain two liquids; The chemicals include diphenyl oxalate, hydrogen peroxide, and a dye. When mixed together it is these liquids that create the glow.

Stay Safe and dispose of them properly!

Glow candles and glow bracelets remain popular with ravers wanting to wave their hands in the air to the vibe. Glow accessories are used more by the younger rave generation today.

The Oldskool Raver was very similar in 1991.

Glow-in-the-dark glasses also fill the dancefloor to create a colourful effect. The more illuminated accessories, the more colour is spread across the dancefloor.

LED sound-reactive glasses & LED flashing tambourines are slightly rarer these days, however, have been dominant at raves previous to the new wave of raving events today.

You’ll want to stock up on some good quality UV paints to get yourself ready to light up the dancefloor under those black lights. When the bassline kicks in and the lights go dark you are sure to stand out.

Here’s a Full List of Rave Body, Hair and Face Paints

  • Face UV Mascara
  • Some UV Glitter Body Gel
  • Varied UV Hair Chalk
  • A Mixture of colourful UV Nail Paints
  • Colourful UV Face and Body Paint
  • Varied colourful UV Hair Streaks
  • UV Fabric Paint
  • Glow In The Dark Lipstick

Fluffy Leg Warmers & Boots

The leg warmers’ ’80s fitness apparel turned fashion phenomena used to dominate fashion only to have come back in fashion in 2023. If it’s a festival or a few raves you’re going to you will run into plenty of them.

Leg warmers, one of the main characters in 1983’s Flashdance and basically everything else during much of the ’80s have returned in style.

The rave scene in the USA is far more popular now than in the UK. The scene, therefore, seems to have become far more experimental than it was in 1991 in the UK. It’s no surprise their ravewear has become so creative.

Fluffy leg warmers are the perfect addition to your cyber gothic or raving clubwear wardrobe! These are made of soft fur with the most unique and cool patterns.

If you’re looking for warm-lined boots in imitation leather and faux fur with Fleece linings and insoles you are both going to be warm and comfortable. You can, furthermore, find them in all kinds of illuminated colours and stores online.

Oldskool Ravers Fashion Of The 90s

90s rave fashion was characterized by a vibrant, colourful, and carefree style of clothing. Yes, the USA seems to have taken it further, however, it’s our rave fashion that turbo-charged fashion back in 1991.

It was the ’90s way of how to express individualism by coming together with bright clothing and illuminated accessories. Rave Music and fashion quite literally took over, moreover, it came to dominate EDM in the early 90s.

It Started with the famous Acid House parties with a room full of t-shirts with smiley faces. It then progressed further to bright t-shirts and Naff Naff gear and then moved on to Nickelson leather jackets.

The Oldskool trailblazers (Trainers) currently now sold out for most sizes in 2023 were an essential part of rave fashion. They were comfortable and lasted continuous nights of hardcore dancing.

Ravers of the ’90s enjoyed baggy, loose-fitting trousers. These covered your trainers and were mostly made from lightweight fabric. I know what it’s like coming out of Shellys, Stoke On Trent on a winter morning sweating with steam coming from my body.

A 90s rave outfit for women consists of bright neon colours, figure-hugging shapes, and flashy accessories. Think of it as a mix of neon, rave, and futuristic vibes, with a lot of attitudes.

Today’s Rave Fashion

Today’s ravers in the UK seem to want the scene to return. The glowsticks and bright clothing have become popular again. You’ll most likely notice Old Skool ravers going for the casual look. 30+ years on there has been a lot of growing up to do.

All EDM music nights tend to attract fashion it’s part of culture these days. Back in the later 90s, people wore high-end fashion items with less attention to multi-colour outfits previous.

Promotions such as Bond’s Miss Moneypenny’s had strict door policy, therefore much about what you wore determined if you would gain entrance or not. That’s the beauty of raving it makes no difference what you wear.

It’s Important to Dress for Freedom

Ravewear & Your Choice to Stand Out in The Crowd

There is no doubt that rave fashion reflects freedom. Millions of people dare not experiment with bright colours in their ravewear. There are millions that do express themselves and who feel free in doing so.

The beauty of raving is there is no rule as to what to wear. Strict rules are for high-end formal clubs where members pay thousands for an outfit and thousands to dine, dance or party there.

There is nothing wrong with that, however, ravers stay united together to keep raves low-key and open to Peace, Love and Unity (PLUR) It’s what creates friendships no matter what you choose to wear.

Ravewear & Your Choice to Stand Out

During a night out it’s good to challenge yourself, be different find that freedom of choice. Most people choose something clean, tidy and loose-fitting.

The choice is yours so be enthusiastic, daring and imaginative and don’t forget raves can be hot and they’re not the cleanest places after thousands have attended.

Take a trip around the internet and search for ravewear and visit some of the retro sites for photos. Get some ideas for ravewear and create your own unique outfit for the night.

By Being in charge of your own dress sense you’re giving others ideas. Maybe they want to be just like you, moreover, you’re giving other ravers great ravewear ideas and you’ll make lots of new exciting friends.