Retro Rave Days & How To Change Your Lifestyle Now

It’s a decision I made to become involved in a vibrant thriving community during the retro rave days. I remember those days making friends, sharing ideas and meeting up to dance the night away with a passion.

How can I get to the rave? Who can I go with? Where can I go after the rave? were all questions that were easily answered. The amount of friendship within the community made life easy.

My progression within the rave community opened up so much that it became a real life changer. This is a life-changer you could witness too.

I was once a quiet young man with few, ideas and was transformed into a person that could relate to and find enormous pride in a music genre and lifestyle that taught me well.

Life Before Raving

Retro Rave Days & How To Change Your Life Now

Like most young adults the pub was the main attraction. I didn’t really drink during the week, however, managed to make up for that on weekends. Looking back those were important times for growing up.

That was our pre-rave community in the local pub, one that was full of fun and amazing times, however, drinking did get the better of me.

Truth is I was kind of a loner growing up, don’t get me wrong I had many friends, but, wanted my own plan away from boozy weekends.

I took regular holidays on my own and sometimes with friends with Teneriffe topping the list. I was young perhaps around 21 when things changed and my life was about to take a new crucial direction.

It wasn’t until my holiday in 1990 to Ibiza that I realised something amazing was going on. Where Love Lives – is a song by Alison Limerick, released on October 15th 1990 in the album Where Love Lives which got my attention.

Where love lives is still my all-time pre-rave favourite tune along with Such A Good Feeling by Brothers In Rhythm. It was those retro rave tunes that received my attention and hundreds followed.

Take Up The Invite & Go to A Rave

Like me, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss was about on the news and music TV. I kind of knew something was going on and soon found out. I was invited by two friends Jason and Darren to a rave.

The rave was at the Eclipse in Coventry, UK and I was hooked from the first night. I had never seen so much energy that reflected the true meaning of PLUR. (Peace, Love, Unity and Respect)

That was my first experience of being asked to join the retro rave community. I was told it will change my life. No wiser words have ever been spoken. If you ever get asked to attend a rave go ahead and make that change.

When you’re stuck in a rut doing the same routine each weekend think about challenging yourself.

Get out and rave, dance, meet people, smile and feel the warm embrace the rave community offers. I couldn’t dance to save my life at the time, however, two raves later I couldn’t stop.

Retro Rave Days – The Spiritual Meaning

I know reading this has you thinking about the risks. Life is a risk therefore there is a question I will ask. Do you want to be stuck in the same mundane lifestyle or need a new beginning?

It took me some courage to attend my first rave and I was shy. I’ll be honest, it changed all of that. I became an extrovert and open-minded and shared experiences and told my new stories to everyone.

I remain spiritual to the meaning that all things happen for a reason and like me, a rave can guide you towards a real purpose to enjoy your life. Yes, drugs are common at raves, however, not necessary.

There is enough energy within the music and the venues to create euphoria alone.

It’s that passion to share experiences with others with the same mindset. Given a little freedom, we can achieve all our expectations in life. There aren’t any challenges when expressing to others your will to change.

I’m expressing my feelings now, furthermore, directing them towards the freedom it will bring you. It’s a sublime feeling when your friendship list grows past all expectations to share with others about your experiences.

What Does All This Mean Now?

Raves will reappear again in the UK under a new genre, one that can overtake the retro rave scene of the past, after all, rave was invented here and it’s within our best interest to place some authority on EDM.

I remember most Old Skool rave tunes and where I first heard them. The whole scene stamped authority on our memories. The tunes have this amazing effect of staying with you.

It’s like being on another level, some people understand that and others don’t, however, it does change your perspective in life. UK ravers stand proud that PLUR is now worldwide and its routes are a large part of the UK dance culture.

Raves are returning slowly and licenses are slowly been granted to promotors. The modern-day raves are at most now legal with less stress from authorities.

The future of rave now depends on new tunes being released to complement a new genre that could rise from its retro routes.

The Big Life-Changer

Retro Rave Days & How To Change Your Lifestyle Now

You may feel isolated or disconnected in your everyday life. That’s where the rave community can offer so much more. Raves often feature a diverse crowd which makes them interesting. You never know who you’re going to meet.

You may encounter people and ideas that you would not have otherwise encountered. This exposure to new perspectives can broaden your worldview and lead to personal growth

Dancing and music can be cathartic releasing stress and various levels of anxiety. This release can be transformative and assist you towards a new life of energy and purpose.

The rave scene has it all from unbelievable DJs to live-performing PAs. It gives a sense of inspiration and expresses something new and exciting. For someone who may feel constrained by societal expectations, you will be open to new ideas.

It’s both liberating and life-changing to attend raves, it gives you a sense of personal experiences and perspective. It changes your life and places you in a positive direction in a community that cares.

The Final Word

I’m not over-persuasive, however, know about personal change. The scene prompted me to find new friends and express myself more. It’ll open doors for you to become something special too.

The modern-day rave isn’t the same as in 1991, however, the freedom to express oneself on the dancefloor and meet new interesting people still stands.

Many people attending raves use fashion, makeup, and other forms of self-expression to create unique looks and express their individuality. It’s this that makes it fun.

There simply isn’t anything better than the freedom to express and control your life. Maybe it’s time to be involved in a community that will reward you with a new outlook in life.