The 90s Rave Scene & A New Modern Outlook 2023

America is the land of freedom where the 90s rave scene has catapulted EDM into a new universal moment of glory. The sheer amount of venues now supporting rave in the USA is phenomenal.

As the UK stands proud for its rave retro routes we can educate ourselves on how rave can make a full return. Nights are appearing with full licenses to host new mega raves.

With events like Spread Love by Electrowerks in London and Jolee’s nightclub with a night called 30 years of Rave which is in Stoke on Trent, we are taking the scene by the reins to reminisce and push for more freedom.

The famous Stu Alan’s (RIP) Memorial and 30 years of rave at Bowlers, Manchester was a sell-out and a total success. These are just a few nights appearing of late indicating that rave is on its way back.

It’s exciting times on the rave scene, although it’s no longer underground it’s getting the coverage it deserves being legal. It’s those happy smiley faces that can now look forward to positive media coverage.

The Internet & USA Raves

Part of the explosion of the whole electronic music scene has been totally tied to the Internet, and the way we can communicate over vast distances. The USA ravers have controlled the scene well.

The 90s rave scene and its hardcore-driven routes have become popular for both ravers and DJs around the world. There are thousands of communities for EDM discussions.

It’s easier to find venues and promotions all over the world via the internet. From invites, and general rave chit-chat to full-on promotions all can be found online.

The rave era of this new modern-day age of 2023 is sharing information faster via the internet and more accurately. People are flying to events across the globe to get a taste of EDM as we know it today.

England the land of glory where we danced together as one for what seemed to be forever. We rose from nowhere to entertain the masses and controlled EDM towards what we are listening to today.

The Expectations Of Rave in 2023

The expectations have been running high for some years, even with Nu Rave it has been trialled to make a comeback. Now is the time when the proof is out there that more trust from the government is being pushed our way for more freedom to dance.

I have butterflies in my stomach writing about the 90s rave scene, moreover, I am excited about the future. After covid and the pandemic, the majority of the youth culture wanted freedom. That freedom is showing its formidable energy today.

The more freedom we get the happier we are and that’s the true fact of a statement that outlines how we express the modern-day rave. If we are allowed to party, then we can give back in happiness from what we have received.

In Hindsight it would be perfect if some of the old promotions such as Dreamscape, Fantazia, Helter Skelter, Pandomonium and Universe came back to relight the past.

The Excitement For A New Rave Direction

Taking into account the time it took to establish rave as a new genre of popularity dictates anything can happen in EDM. Looking back at the routes of Chicago and New York House, Acid House and Rave it all happened quickly.

The excitement for a new rave direction is happening and EDM has come to a halt. Is the world awaiting a new chapter of rave? Look no further it’s happening right now.

Gifted musicians are becoming producers, songwriters, managers, and sometimes, publicists. And you would most likely find these artists recording music from their bedrooms with just a microphone and a laptop to assist.

People are becoming their own businesses from bedroom DJs to Promotors all can be achieved online. If you look at Youtube millions of people are recording new tracks every day so it’s inevitable there will be an explosion of new stars soon.

With the rise of the Internet Age, DJs have not only been given more creative freedom but have also been exposed to heaps of different kinds of genres and artists. This has in turn inspired them to experiment, mix up the genres and produce new, exciting and creative sounds.

The 90s Rave Scene & The Music Industry

The 90s Rave Scene & A New Modern Outlook 2023

Bearing in mind being mainstream isn’t always the direction we want. In 1991 it was inevitable with the popularity of rave that some rave classics would slip through. This meant huge payouts for budding DJs and PAs.

This kind of popularity is something ravers should now expect with the internet where so little is secret. Almost like myself publishing articles and posts that are all rave related for you to absorb.

The difference is I want the world to read my posts to highlight the fact that we directed the scene and wish to be there when it returns. Even if it’s for a few years EDM and the music industry and all involved will benefit.

The Uk is an exciting country to host raves and for that reason, it should come back to its hardcore routes. Whether you’re a bedroom DJ or play gigs live you can learn lots here about running your DJ Business Here.

The Music Industry might have uncovered some of the best artists, however, that’s nothing compared to what the true raver experienced on the dancefloor, Nothing can take that away from us as the best form of freedom to date.

The 90s Rave Scene & A New Modern Outlook

Going back to our routes combined with the music that has derived from the 90s rave scene we can only look forward to the future. The experimental DJs involved in mixing across many genres are a reliable source as to what EDM’s direction will be.

With the explosion of new Old Skool nights popping up in the UK we can only respect DJs like Stu Alan (RIP) who took us through 30 years.

The Bowelers night was A celebration of the Life of a Legend Stu Allan. After this rave the new modern-day outlook for 2023 and beyond is exciting.

Let’s not be confused with where EDM’s routes are. The sheer amount of EDM that comes from the UK is a message that relays positivity. Some of the best EDM artists are UK-born and Bread.

There is room for everyone including those abroad that love hardcore and UK-based rave scenes. Everyone can reach out to EDM and drive towards a new modern rave scene for 2023 and beyond.

The 90s rave scene is a genre that didn’t survive as long as we wanted, however, once a raver always a raver. Many years have passed, although, the tunes still remain out there to be mixed, edited and sampled.