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Rave escapism is the tendency to escape from the real world to the safety and comfort of the dance floor.

Rave escapism is the tendency to escape from the real world to the safety and comfort of the dance floor. Dancing to real music, listening to real DJs and being surrounded by energised people at raves often feels like another world. Ravers, however, know this escapism is real, moreover, whatever is happening in the outside world seems to fade as we unite.

25th July 1992, Castle Donnington – One Step Beyond – Fantazia was founded in 1991 by James Perkins, Gideon Dawson & Chris Griffin.

At large raves, sound systems are known to create powerful sound waves. When the ’90s free rave movement swept the UK, One of the first legal mega-raves to bring dance music culture to the masses was Fantazia at Castle Donnington. The whole night and the following morning were utter bliss.

Thousands of ravers that normally hit clubs assembled from all over the country at Castle Donnington and it went down in history. Fantazia was the biggest rave in the early ’90s. Ravers remember Fantazia at Castle Donnington as a unique example of unity.

If you watch the video below you’ll notice no negative expressions or negativity. Ravers danced with zero prejudice and positive vibes. Ravers were shaking hands and hugging whilst being exhilarated by the best tunes, DJs and live PAs. Fantazia at Castle Donnington followed other large raves in 1991 and it was perfect timing for ravers to unite as one.

Pandemonia’s Andromeda 1

Pandemonium Andromeda 1 @ Telford Ice Rink from Saturday, August 31st 1991.

Now we have covered the largest mega-rave of 1992 at Castle Donnington let’s take a trip down memory lane to events in 1991. Pandemonia’s Andromeda 1 at Telford Ice Rink took centre stage. Apart from the undercover police and fake tickets, the night was a raver’s dream come true and we gave back to the rave scene that was placed on us to put back.

Hardcore was now running through the veins of the rave scene and it showed with some of the best tunes ever created for the masses. Rave was now dominating the dance scene and slowly taking centre stage as the new EDM genre for the future. Every single rave had a great lineup, that’s what made it so unique.

It was a special time for Telford Ice Rink and Pandeomoimum with so many nights now being held in the West Midlands and central UK. This is what made Andromeda 1 so special with ravers already well-acquainted from previous local rave nights. It was so successful it’s too hard to describe the night. You remember that, don’t you? Those times you had with no words to explain the night, it was that good.

The Best Times Are Often The Hardest to Explain

I’m sure you’re looking forward to more rave-related content from me to explain all the memories we have. There’s no need to look too far because I have scores of blogs written just for you.

I’ve been concentrating on the rave past, present and future highlighting much to do with rave escapism and the will to be involved in the worldwide rave community.

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There are times in life when there are some things you can’t explain, you simply had to have been there. I know this sounds unfair, however, the videos on Social Media show how much love and unity the rave scene gave. That’s how unreal Pandemonium’s Andromeda 1 was and the reason why it’s talked about so much today.

A revival is slowly taking place across the UK which I predict to be more noticeable in 2023. Rave culture is merely a form of social escapism, however, to escape the realms of what’s going on in the world outside of the rave scene is a really good reason to unite again and rave on from 1991.

Fantazia NYE 1991 -1992 – West Point Exhibition Centre

Fantazia took us into 1992’ on 31st December 1991 at Westpoint Exhibition Centre, Exeter, England. This was one of the greatest raves for the lineup and atmosphere. 1991 hosted some of the best nights in history, however, it’s hard to forget about this one for the buzz and event organisation by Fantazia.

Fantazia was a sell-out with a capacity of 8,000 people.

Top Buzz – Fantazia NYE 1991 (Fantazia Took You Into 1992) There are countless amounts of downloads available for the night on the internet headed by Top Buzz, Ellis Dee, Slipmatt, Donavon Bassline, Ratty, DJ Sy, Lomas, Easygroove and Lisa. Top Buzz smashed the night with a selection that created the buzz they are well known for.

With Top Buzz now heading most events they were one of the first to popularise the darker sounds of Jungle Techno as it began to emerge from the hardcore rave scene. in 1998, MC Patrick Jarrett (“Mad P”), DJ Mikee B and DJ Jason Kaye had secured a new direction for ravers. Map P had the best lyrics and was the most popular MC in 1991.

Patrick (Map P) often named the group “Two Blacks and a Bubble” and bought out two tapes of MC Mad Pc’s Lyrics later for the masses to learn. It was during Fantazia NYE 1991 – 1992 that ravers were now being taken on a journey each and every time. It was this journey that made the night so unique.

1991 The Golden Year of Rave

The year 1991 was a turning point for the rave culture, as it marked the beginning of the golden age of rave music and culture. One of the primary reasons for this was the concept of escapism that rave culture embodied.

Escapism was the idea that rave culture allowed individuals to free themselves from the stresses and pressures of everyday life and immerse themselves in a world of music and freedom. Rave culture was a place where people could come together regardless of their backgrounds, gender, or race and forget about their worries for a night or a weekend.

The combination of the music, the energy of the crowd, and the feeling of liberation from the constraints of everyday life made 1991 a great year for raving and an iconic era for rave culture.

We’ve chosen Moby ”Go” for our call to action video as we rediscover the past, present and future of rave. Although this track was created in 1990 its claim to fame was in 1991.

You can read reviews from our blog pages and delve into either working in the rave scene or reading scores of rave-related content.

Moby ”Go” was one of the theme tunes for Leanardo Decaprio’s ”The Beach” a movie about the purist form of escapism and living on a tropical island far from society. It played as a perfect soundtrack to heighten the atmosphere of true paradise.

UK Rave Movies

As we move on through our Ultimate Video Archive we’re honoured to cover more about the rave scene in the UK during the 90s. UK rave movies are unique because they capture the essence of the rave culture of the 1990s, a time of rebellion and liberation that was reflected in the music, the fashion, and the attitude of the youth.

These movies explore the themes of escapism at the core of the rave culture, offering a glimpse into the world of the ravers and their quest for transcendence through music and dance. Although written sometime after the rave scene the movies are unique and accurate on all accounts and take us back in time to the memories we will never forget.

The music played in raves during 1991 was also a significant factor that contributed to a sense of freedom. The repetitive beats, hypnotic rhythms, and pulsating basslines had a trance-like effect on the listeners, transporting them to a state of ecstasy and transcendence.

Human Traffic is a cult classic British independent film that hit theatres in 1999, marking the directorial debut of Justin Kerrigan. The film, which features a cast of then-up-and-coming actors, was set against the backdrop of the vibrant rave and clubbing culture of the 1990s.

The Leading Rave DJS of 1991

In 1991, rave DJs were something truly special. They had a unique talent for creating an incredible experience called “rave escapism.” As the underground rave scene grew, these DJs became the leaders who shaped the music that transported partygoers into a state of pure joy and freedom.

With their diverse music choices and innovative mixing skills, they took people on a journey that felt like leaving behind the everyday world. Their seamless blending of different genres and hypnotic beats created an atmosphere of unity, where people from all walks of life could come together and get lost in the music.

These DJs understood how to read the crowd and adjust the mood to keep everyone energized and excited. They were like wizards, turning venues into magical places where ravers could let go of their worries and connect with others. The rave DJs of 1991 were truly amazing because they used the power of music to give people a transformative and unforgettable escape from reality.

DJs That Carved A Path Via Hardcore

The Elements of Rave Escapism - Ultimate Video Archive

Hardcore music became a huge hit among DJs in 1991 for several reasons. Firstly, its energetic sound with fast beats, aggressive basslines, and intense synth melodies offered a unique sonic escape.

This resonated deeply with a generation longing for an exhilarating break from the monotony of everyday life. DJs recognized the sheer power of hardcore and skillfully channelled their energy to create electrifying sets that held audiences captive.

Discover more about the emergence of numerous DJs in the rave scene of 1991, who elevated the experience to new heights of rave escapism.

Convince Someone To Attend A Rave

When convincing someone to try something new like attending a rave, it’s important to understand their perspective and interests. Here is some advice to help you convince someone to go to a rave and experience the escapism it offers. Start by having an open conversation about their thoughts and reservations regarding raves.

Address any specific concerns they may have, such as loud music, safety, or unfamiliar environments. Assure them that you’ll address those concerns and prioritize their comfort and safety.

Emphasize the distinct atmosphere and energy of a rave compared to traditional clubbing. Describe the vibrant community and sense of togetherness that can be found at raves, where people come together to celebrate music and dance. Share some tracks or playlists from the genre of music typically played at raves. You can also mention specific artists or DJs they might enjoy or relate to.

Discuss the freedom of expression and Share examples of the vibrant costumes and unique styles that people often embrace at raves, highlighting the freedom to be oneself without judgment. If you have personal experiences attending raves, share some positive stories and highlights from those events.

Respect their decision because ultimately, it’s important to respect their choice. If they decide not to attend a rave, accept their decision without pushing further. Everyone has different preferences and comfort levels, and it’s important to honour that. You can always offer to share your experience afterwards, allowing them to gain insights indirectly.

First-Time Raver Advice

Rave escapism is happening all over the world and although the hardcore vibe has moved across into a more mainstream vibe rave is evolving very quickly.

I’ve added a video from the modern-day rave community that outlines tips are tricks for staying safe throughout.

Escape the realms of the norm and find a new level of fun that will have you hooked from the first rave