The Online DJ World & How to Market Yourself

Online DJing refers to the practice of performing DJ sets and mixing music using digital software and online platforms. Its popularity has grown without the need for traditional physical DJ equipment. If you want to become an exclusive online DJ welcome onboard.

The ever-growing online DJ business has grown tenfold over recent years due to the sheer number of listeners available. DJs have sussed out there is far more traffic online to find success.

DJs that attend venues have to travel, count on the equipment that may not have backup and of course worry about the attendance numbers. Djing from home is far more comfortable.

Once you have your equipment and software set up, you can start practising and creating your own mixes. You can spend far more time planning, whereas a mobile DJ rarely has time to practice at the venue.

There are a number of DJ software programs available, such as Virtual DJ, Serato, and Traktor. I’ve personally used all three and found the virtual DJ in my favour. So what’s the story behind marketing to become an online DJ?

Marketing Your DJ Sets

There are a number of online platforms where you can stream your DJ sets live or share pre-recorded mixes, such as Mixcloud, SoundCloud, and Twitch. If you’re considering having a website designed you can create blog posts to place up your streams.

Placing sets on your blog roll and keeping it updated with new releases will have your audience return on a regular basis. You can even advertise with up-and-coming sets and create a post to announce it.

Much like this website and the way I have created all my blogs you can create the blog roll in order of the last set played, write some inspirational facts about what gave you the idea and announce all about the genre.

Learning how to market via your website requires some knowledge of (SEO) search engine optimisation.

Take note for your website to climb the ranks of Google it needs to be ranked high in search engines which means you require some expertise in content writing.

That’s why I mentioned creating content to explain much about your sets as an online DJ. It takes time and requires around 25 posts before your traffic becomes noticeable. Take your time and learn how to create great content for your viewers.

It’s important for your audience to have access to your live sets in terms of dates and times. Let them know to arrive early so they can chat with other followers of your channel before you play.

Marketing To Be An Online DJ

I’ve created a list of requirements you need to think about to reach out to your online audience as a business. If you treat it like a business and make good decisions as an all-in-one DJ nothing can stop you.

Follow the list below and begin your journey playing live DJ sets online

  • Create a Professional Website
  • Leverage Social Media
  • Stream Live Sets
  • Produce and Create Original Music
  • Participate in Online Events
  • Offer Your Services
  • Build an Email List
  • Learn SEO Marketing

Your website is going to increase in popularity for you as an online DJ. Branch out to your audience and build your website accordingly. You could decide to take some Professional Training if you have some funds set aside to follow up for more help.

It sounds surreal, however, there are hundreds of thousands of online DJs following the same path. It’s not rare for online DJs to control their entire business from creating music to streaming live as a DJ.

There is nothing your business online as a DJ can’t do. It’s beneficial for you to read my post about Marketing for Promoters to learn how to leverage social media.

Building an Email List – Online DJ

How To Market Yourself In The Online DJ World

Building an email list can help you stay in touch with your audience and promote your latest releases and shows. Offer exclusive content, discounts, and other incentives to encourage people to sign up for your list.

There are many email marketing platforms to choose from, such as Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, and more. Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Make sure your fans know that you have an email list and encourage them to sign up. Once you have people on your email list, it’s essential to keep them engaged by sending them valuable content.

Whether it’s a weekly newsletter or a monthly update, consistency is key to keeping your fans engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

Remember the largest part of your business is yourself so don’t be afraid to promote yourself as a DJ via email as much as possible. You can promote your email list on your website, social media pages, in your live streams, and in your email signature.

How to Stream Live DJ Sets

Streaming live DJ sets has become increasingly popular, especially with the rise of online platforms that allow for live streaming. The online DJ world is bursting with talent so revise well.

This method of marketing means using your experience and expertise or niche to control your audience. There are several platforms available that allow for live streaming, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixcloud.

Remember to market your business you’re going to require the right equipment. To stream live DJ sets, you’ll need a reliable internet connection, a computer or laptop, and a good-quality audio interface.

To stream live DJ sets, you’ll need software that allows you to capture and stream audio and video. Some popular options include OBS, Streamlabs OBS, and XSplit.

Once you’re ready to go live, promote your stream to your audience. Share the link on your social media platforms and encourage your followers to tune in. Remember a touch of nerves is common so take it in your own stride.

During your live DJ set, engage with your audience by reading and responding to real-time comments. This will help you build a stronger connection with your fans and make the experience more interactive.

Produce and Create Original Music

The Online DJ World & How to Market Yourself

Producing and creating original music can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. As an online DJ, you’ll build on your business if you create your own tunes.

Being a DJ and a producer sends a message to your fans that you are able to dictate what is played, when and how. It’s far better to master the whole business just like the music industry.

It helps if you can play an instrument giving you a fundamental headstart to help you understand the basics of music theory and give you a foundation to build on.

Get yourself a Digital Audio Workstation, software that allows you to record, edit, and mix music on your computer. Create big beats from where you can use a drum machine or create your beat using samples, loops, or MIDI files.

Once a beat is configured and added to your Audio workstation add a chord progression, and then add a melody on top. Think about what makes a dancefloor rock.

Record your vocals in a quiet environment, moreover, make sure to use a good-quality microphone and a pop filter. You might want to add some soulful lyrics and create a chorus.

Once you’re happy with your track, share it with the world! You can upload it to SoundCloud, Bandcamp, or YouTube. Keep practising, experimenting, and exploring new sounds, and you’ll soon be on your way to creating your own original music.