The Powerful Electronic Element of Rave & Its House Routes

The electronic element of rave music typically derives from Chicago and New York House. In the ’80s house music came from a large part of the disco genre with the addition of samples and synthesizers.

This was pre-rave dance music that sampled all kinds of genres and is how house music was born. In the beginning, most house music songs had the same characteristics.

The scene later became more divided into subgenres with electro. progressive, deep and funky house. This wasn’t a split in the scene as most clubs would play across the board.

House music at the beginning was driven by the 4/4 beat which tells you how many beats are in the bar. It revolutionised how beats would later be included in other genres.

The Typical House Music 4/4 Time Signature

The top number of the signature tells you how many beats are in a bar and the lower number tells you what type of beat. The 4 number at the bottom of the bar indicated crochet or quarter notes.

4/4 means there are 4 crotchet or quarter notes in a bar and four beats in a bar. There isn’t much difference between a 2/4 or 4/4 signature, however, it meant music could be easily developed for the dancefloor.

With a disco sample and drum machine, house music took over the globe. House music went on to experiment with house music tracks which are now based on eight-bar sections which are repeated.

The Kick Drum Roland TR-909 In House & Rave

The Powerful Electronic Element of Rave & Its House Routes

The Roland TR-909’s main purpose was to revolutionise how drums are played together with vocals and synthesizers. With its retro look and affordability, it was a producer’s drum machine of choice.

The drum machine had been around for some time since 1983 by co-founder Ikutaro Kakehashi, Roland Corporation. The TR-909 was the successor to the 808 and changed how music would be produced on a global scale.

At first, most budding new DJs and producers in Chicago would use the 909 as it was originally deemed a failure and cost so little. Little to the world’s astonishment it changed how we hear rave and house music today.

The Rise of House Music in Chicago

House music wasn’t only played at clubs it was also played in Chicago’s WBMX 102.7 FM. Like the UK’s Essential selection budding DJs and new artists claimed fame from the radio’s live shows.

WBMX was home to a group of DJs Called the HOT MIX 5 who played a huge part in how, where and when house music was to evolve and be heard. Each show hosted a unique blend of house tracks.

DJs such as Ralphi Rosario & Farley Jack Master Funk played on a regular basis taking house music by the reins to gain momentum on the scene.

Most of HOT MIX’s remixed disco records were played week in and week out at the studio. HOT MIX 5 took the house music industry by storm to popularise and outplay the competition.

WBMX always had a huge association with big diva artists for their unique house sound and powerful vocal samples. Many rave tunes even today explore such vocal samples.

How Young House DJs Reinvented Dance Music

The reinvention of dance music couldn’t have come at a better time by playing disco records over a drum machine. The electric element of the drum machines was also joined by synthesizers.

Within a decade house music travelled the globe to wide audiences for wide-eyed party-goers. Rave wasn’t thought of at this point, however, the freedom to party around the clock had.

Frankie Knuckles (RIP) later created a name for mass followers of this new dance era across the globe as Disco’s Revenge. House music hit the UK’s shores with numerous chart-topping successes.

Black Box’s ”Ride on Time” vocals were lip-synched by model Catherine Quinol, who fronted Black Box during their chart success. Loleatta Holloway’s ”Love Sensation” was the original track mixed to create Black Box’s ” Ride On Time”

”Ride On Time” was released as a single in July 1989 and included on Black Box’s debut album, Dreamland (1990).

” Ride On Time” spent six weeks in 1989 at number one on the UK’s pop charts.

Acid House & The Second Summer of Love

Most clubbers at that time remember Black Box’s ”Ride On Time” being one of the most important records ever heard. This was at the beginning of the Rave scene in the UK sadly known as the drug-induced following of party-goers.

This was where the rave scene was dubbed the second ”Summer Of Love” DJs remastered and edited tunes from the house genres and created Acid House. Rave was invented and promoters were ready.

Massive sound systems were dragged into fields, disused warehouses and aircraft hangers where paying punters would turn up in their thousands. Police couldn’t work out what was going on.

The Police wanted to know how so many ravers would create so little trouble. The electronic element of the music was here to stay for many years and that meant a whole lot of partying.

The Rave Scene Today!

With all the mention of Chicago House and its routes, you’ll now realise where the Rave scene came from, how it was established and how it placed a foothold on the UK dance scene for so long.

There has never been another dance scene that has placed such a powerful electronic element on a scene that rocked the nation with some of the largest raves on the planet.

Many Years on we are celebrating 30+ years of the scene and nothing could be better than doing it together as one family.

Technology has moved forward at such a pace it’s hard to imagine what rave videos and photos would be like if the raves were today as they were in the 90s. In some ways it was perfect timing in others it was too early.

Technology has progressed so much we can now rave in our own front rooms with the use of VR (Virtual Reality) equipment.

Powerful Electronic Element or VR Chat

Powerful Electronic Element or VR Chat

Using VR you can now enjoy music from all over the world because it feels real. Given the routes of house music and rave, you can even set up a dance arena with the music you want.

Modern-day raving is turning into VR amusement where you can throw a VR avatar costume on and rave the night ahead to a chosen DJ. Imagine being able to enter Andromeda 1 Padomoneia and rave the night away.

You Had to Have Been There to Know The True Meaning of Rave

No matter how much time it takes to repeat itself or how much we miss the house and rave nights the answer is clear. You had to have been there to know the true meaning of it all.

I guess that’s why modern-day raves have so many younger ravers attending due to the whole story being told a million times. The stories of how it couldn’t get any better, however week after week it did for a few years.

I hope you now have a clearer idea of where rave music came from and understand that its routes are as important to us as the actual years spent on the dancefloor ourselves.