The Remarkable Effect Breakbeat Had On The Rave Scene

Breakbeat is the one electronic music additions that have revolutionised how we listen to EDM today. Its routes go as far back as hip-hop, funk and post-disco. It accounts for much of today’s music on the dance scene.

Later on, at the time rave appeared, it played a leading role in Jungle, drum and bass and hardcore. The explosive use of breakbeat meant more experimental tunes leading the path for new genres,

At the time of 1991, when hardcore appeared breakbeat lead the way with big beats that echoed through venues to complement the scene.

Big beats were dropped with piano choruses and lyrics that mastered the feel-good factor and created a euphoric buzz. People razed hands in the air and sang along to the lyrics.

The History of Breakbeat

The remarkable effect of breakbeat on the rave scene wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for DJ Kool Herc (a Jamaican immigrant). The era when gang violence was at its pinnacle was when he made a stance on the Jamaican Kingston vibe.

It was the use of breakbeat that drove the passage forward to how we hear it today. The genre also features shuffled drum machine patterns with samples of vocals and the hoover.

Other samples that were sampled with breakbeat come from the new beat, acid house and bleep techno. Upbeat house piano riffs opened a huge place for a hardcore rave in its essence of working the crowd into an uproar.

Hardcore Rave & Its Effects

The effects of the breakbeats in the hardcore rave genres were purely experimental, however, worked a treat. The drum beats hovered over atmospheric lyrics and broke the tune into a repetition of breaks, lyrics and noise samples.

Liam Howlett got the really big-sounding (booming even) kick drums in some of the Prodigy tracks from around 1991. The effects created a huge euphoria and energetic buzz.

The effects from some of the Prodigy’s tracks revolutionised the rave scene as an experiment that lead the way. The breakbeat effect on the rave scene has a saying that hardcore has a soul.

How Rave Popularity Grew

With the sheer popularity and capacity that raves created so did breaks. In effect, every hardcore track followed a breakbeat format.

It carried on across the scene until large raves such as Fantazia and Raindance flourished with maximum crowds of 25, 000+. Breakbeat revolutionised how we hear EDM today.

The popularity of hardcore rave in 1991 told a huge story that all genres could come together to create a new sound. This was a journey that was adored by ravers hence the huge amounts of people attending.

The amazing rise of the masses in 1991 was when the breakbeat became a legendary part of electronic dance music. It plays a part in how EDM has accomplished so much since.

Nu-Rave & Its Hardcore Breakbeat Routes

I suppose in many ways we look at the original rave scene as the best era and for most this is true. Experiments have since been trialled for the masses with the closest known has Nu-Rave.

It’s always promising to hear the breakbeat effects now in modern-day EDM. In the late 1990s to the early 2000s, Nu-Rave was to pull together new experimental breaks.

It’s hard to imagine hardcore rave ever being repeated, however, it’s neat to hear the breakbeat samples that highlighted it. Nu-Rave’s style is inspired by the sound and characteristics of old skool breakbeat.

The music is composed of looped, edited and processed breakbeat samples, intense bassline sounds, and melodic piano lines. Much of these samples were the progression of Old Skool as we knew it.

Although Nu-Rave never served its full genres purpose around 2007 it was a whole idea to take make fun of the media. It was to make them talk about something that didn’t exist. Maybe that’s due to it never reaching its potential in the first place.

Breakbeat & The Next Chapter

The Remarkable Effect Breakbeat Had On The Rave Scene.

Breakbeat in terms of an electronic sound in some ways has always been undervalued. However, it has gained a remarkable stance on raves and the history of EDM, moreover, played a huge part in it.

As producers experiment with breakbeat it still plays a huge part in today’s dance music. Sure EDM seems to have stood still a little it, therefore, opens up more avenues to progress.

The new freeform energy can be felt everywhere, as artists from all corners of the genre are moulding, shaping and fusing their own sounds. What’s happening today opens up a following to move forward.

It’s great to see such new unique ideas coming together to push one similar sound. The sounds of Breakbeat are still been relived, edited and remixed to create awesome new tracks.

Whatever the future breakbeat will play a huge part in EDM, Moreover, change its direction. When the time comes there will be a new scene full of fresh outstanding beats to teach the crowd a new genre.