The Ultimate Rave Experience & Dancing All Night In 1991

Everyone has a story about their ultimate rave experience, the one time that said it all. No matter how much we raved it seemed each event was the best. Most of us have that one special rave that stands out in our memory from the rest.

The Promoters chose the best DJs, MCs & PA sets and special effects. Lasers, smoke machines and strobes played a central part in the night. The lighting effects were astonishingly effective and were synchronized with the music.

It’s hard to choose a favourite rave, although, thinking back the summer of 1991 was one of if not the best years for raves.

For DJs playing at Old Skool events such as Perception, Fantasia, Dreamscape and Helter Skelter it brought them closer to their audience.

Hands waving, whistles, blowing and fog horns reaching out across the building. The noise was unreal and the atmosphere electric. It’s hard to think about the best rave in 1991.

SL2 also known as Slipmatt & Lime, hit the scene in 1991 with their first 12” release on XL Recordings ‘DJs Take Control / Way In My Brain. When tunes like this were played the crowd went wild.

Andromeda 1, Padomonium, Telford Ice Rink

Pandemonium Andromeda 1 at Telford Ice Rink on Saturday, August 31st 1991 was a warm summer’s evening and the queue was buzzing with ravers to attend the event.

The hype previous to this event lasted for weeks, moreover, ravers were looking forward to the event so much it’s all they talked about. All the hype helped it become such a success overall. We weren’t let down.

You can watch all Pandemonium Andromeda 1 videos in sequence from our video rave archive. The videos show the event setup and the actual night in action.

The Venue – Ultimate Rave

The venue was a perfect location for a rave at 37,000 square feet. The Venue could hold over 4000 people and it was a sellout.

Pandemonium only put on events of the highest standards, moreover, they built on their own expectations of what a great party looks like.

The events were legendary and Andromeda 1 was one of the best raves in Uk rave history. They created the best DJ lineup, and atmosphere and also paid attention to making it a well-coordinated event.

Andromeda 1 was the ultimate rave of 1991 after the illegal raves of 1988-1990. It was a fully licensed event and ready for action. Pandemonium is well known for staging huge, large-scale all-night parties and events the length and breadth of the UK.

Favourite Raves (Hard to Choose)

It’s hard to choose a favourite rave due to the amount we used to attend. It was the utter excitement of just being there that counted. There was always a DJ that blew you away.

Each rave meant meeting more new friends so it became more and more exciting, Therefore the more raves you went to the better it got. Don’t forget it was like travelling through time.

The more new tunes that were released the more the dancefloor rocked. Each rave attended became more and more established. People often thought this was what they wanted to do forever.

Raves became so popular for all classes of people, almost everyone from all backgrounds got involved. It was an explosive adventure and kept it interesting. You could be dancing next to a London Banker or Factory worker because there were no barriers.

When asked which is the best rave you went to the answer is at most I don’t know there were many. This website is based around raving in 1991, so we haven’t hyped up other raves. Personally, Andromeda 1 is my all-time favourite rave.

Ravers Dancing All Night

How can someone dance for 12 hours when at a rave and an hour or so at a mainstream club?

Most drank alcohol at mainstream nightclubs, bars and events and usually on a weekend quite a lot. This wasn’t the case at raves that didn’t sell alcohol. Water was piled up for the night to rehydrate the masses.

Most ravers had been at it for some time by 1991 and lost weight, toned up and got fitter by dancing. By the time Andromeda 1 had arrived, we had done so many nightclub raves and previous illegal raves anything was possible.

Not forgetting the music was changing and tunes became more energetic and created a buzz around the environment. Hardcore became darker with soulful lyrics and piano riffs which made energy.

You might have thought about sitting down and drinking some water in the chillout room and then another banger of a tune is put on. It’s like another hour before you have time for rest.

Then another DJ came on and you simply wanted to be a part of the journey.

There was so much energy on the dancefloor and people to dance with, meeting and greeting as you made your way around the whole arena. People smiling, in a world of their own or wanting you to join them.

There simply hasn’t been anything like it since 1991 when rave was at its best. Yes, you might argue Acid of 1988 was brilliant and it was, however, in 1991 was when everything came together as one.

The Ultimate Rave at Castle Donnington

The Ultimate Rave Experience & Dancing All Night In 1991.

The message caught on so fast that the following year at Castle Donnington the all-time mega rave was organised by Fantazia, (25 July) in 1992 for 25, 000+ people. It was one of the ultimate mega-raves of its time.

The sheer amount of people proved rave had taken over EDM. It revolutionised the scene as a contender for the greatest dance era of all time. I felt like the smaller raves had a better atmosphere until One Step Beyond.

It was Britain’s biggest ever rave – 10 hours of non-stop rave tuneage.

Castle Donnington’s (One Step Beyond) proved me wrong with people still energised in the morning to dance like it was midnight. It was unreal to see the masses and the emotions on people’s faces.

The Timing & Memories of 1991

We all have different memories that reflect on the past that describes how we feel about a particular time. The timing was perfect for 1991 to host some of the greatest moments in rave history.

What we achieved with rave was awesome and helped us know that almost anyone can get on if they tried. The whole timing was perfect and even if it never happens again we can say we were there to witness a unique experience.

It’s now 30+ years on and rave is still a big part of EDM. I hear remixes and loops of the Old Skool all the time in modern EDM tracks. We are now waiting in need of a new era of EDM that will reunite us all back on the dancefloor.