What Is a Rave Lifestyle & How to Maintain Health

A rave lifestyle may differ from the normal clubbing lifestyle of today. Although more people now attend raves drug-free it wasn’t always the case. Not many like to write about it, however, the fact is there were drugs.

Everything happened around the same time in 1988-1994 when MDMA commonly known as ecstacy arrived on Uk shores.

During the Acid house days, the chosen drug was called acid. Not as many people enjoyed the trip and decided on MDMA to enlighten them and encourage dance floor euphoria.

It was this euphoria that bought the tunes, atmosphere and people together. During the house music revolution in New York and Chicago MDMA was part of the EDM culture.

A Rave lifestyle can be punishing and Old Skool ravers are much older now with more responsibilities. Health has become far more important because many now have families.

Health is far more important, most likely the reason for raves taking a backseat. However, the retro lifestyle was an amazing experience which is something I’m going to delve into now.

The Rave Scene Merged as The No1 Contender for EDM

What Is a Rave Lifestyle & How to Maintain Health
Taking You Through the Old Skool & Hereafter!

The race was on with the hardcore rave revolution contending to create a whole new sound for EDM. The explosive use of Breakbeat and new samples were taken from the past to create the future of dance music.

The Rave lifestyle was about to change with MDMA being widely used and it was common to see in all raves. It’s a taboo subject as many would say they remained drug-free and healthy.

Many people took notice of warnings to remain healthy with or without recreational drugs. Chillout rooms were for relaxing and drinking water was to rehydrate.

The message was clear rehydrate and you’ll be ok. I never felt like raves were a promotional aspect to take drugs it was a choice of the individual and was never pushed.

It was common to rave too much, however, long breaks were needed to recuperate from the last rave. Raving on both Fridays and Saturdays was for the die-hard.

The lifestyle was incredible with 10-12 hour events taking people on a journey of musical genius throughout. The sounds, lighting and Djing expertise were all part of how the rave scene took control of EDM

Everything came together at the right time when there were thousands of raves throughout the 90s that created a new rave lifestyle for the massive. Everyone wanted to be a part of it.

The Acceptance of Being a Raver

It became evident that the local pub became a watering hole for ravers drinking soft drinks. There was no need to feel dehydrated at raves if you remained alcohol-free.

There was some acceptance for being a raver although word often went around that you may have experimented with recreational drugs. Again this was a choice for the person.

Far more people began to realise the truth that there was far more violence at drinking and nightclub venues. Being a raver meant you would learn about DJs, tunes, promotions and about new friends.

There was zero time for negativity on or off the dancefloor!

Learning to make genuine new friends helped the rave scene reach new heights, moreover, it was our key to success. Old friends who attended the pub became far more distant from the power of togetherness.

There is still a healthy balance of Old Skool ravers and new to make friends with which makes it all so incredible. I believe making friends is healthy, moreover, it’s why I mention friendship a lot here on Rave On 1991.

The Rave Lifestyle at Its Best!

Nights became better and great friendships were created by all. No matter what your background was or your sexuality or colour there was time and friendship waiting there for you. 1991 created such a path to freedom it succeeded as the best time ever.

Freedom was the choice we all wanted and we succeeded even if it wasn’t to last. Nothing lasts forever as we know, however, being a part of it provided 100% satisfaction to progress and party on.

Once a raver always a raver whether you have hung up your boots or not my bet is every time you here an Old Skool classic your mind wanders back to the best times.

There were hard to deal with comedowns be it fatigue or drug-induced decline from the euphoria. If you ask a raver now from 1991 were the drugs worth it my bet is the answer would be

”Yes, we were young, energetic and healthy.”

The good times by far outweighed the risk even though these days the temptation is far more adhered to by more health awareness programs. MDMA wasn’t known until the late 80s or early 90s what did we know?

One of the reasons rave held onto its EDM strength was the lack of pressure from the government because they also had no idea what was going on with MDMA until they researched it more.

The Benefits Of The Rave Lifestyle

The UK would have taken EDM to an even higher level if left to do so. As it stands the UK scene split and was almost taken away from us under our feet by the government.

It’s the sheer number of people in one location hands in the air asking for more, Like Morpheus in the Matrix we needed to hear one more message before we made a decision.

The benefit of raving was that the tunes went past their organised time with at least three or more tracks being played until the end of the night. The journey the DJs took us on was unique.

Crowds buzzing, the sound system pumping and then the lights come on. The ravers simply didn’t want to leave the venue. That was how fantastic it was and when the massive left the party still went on outside.

Car stereos banging to hardcore, people congregating in car parks with many stories to be told. Literally, everyone wanted to carry on and for most, it never really stopped until the following day.

Raving & A Healthy Balance of Realism

Looking back we tend to think, ” My Goodness was that real?” The last 30+ years have given us time to recollect. We know the scene as it was and sometimes we watch recent events reaching total euphoria all these years later.

Old Skool ravers tend to know EDM patterns such as what’s working music-wise and what isn’t. Needless to say, we saw Harcore become happy hardcore, breakbeat become drum and bass and then jungle.

All this in a few years!

The Healthy balance of nights and tunes at raves almost certainly happened in 1991 when a new balance of dancefloor freedom was born.

Knowone cared too much about the best tune it was more about the next DJ to take us on a mission.

The key point here is that a DJ had to take us on a journey. That was the main question during the night. Even more, how much influence is this next set going to have on the whole night?

It was the lineup that was chosen and organised to take us higher. Promoters didn’t just choose any DJ they also wanted to create total euphoria on the dance floor because that’s what created business.

Going Back to The Routes

There is no rave like the modern-day Tomorrowland festival (Or) and nothing that can compete with the 1990 -1991 era. The message is clear that the UK operated in such a way we were to guide EDM in a new direction.

We took our routes from the USA, Chicago and Detroit and I’m really happy rave and EDM are on a new wave right now in the USA. We created hardcore from Acid House, parcelled it up and sent it to the USA.

I hear USA EDM is having a great time! for that reason, I am happy it’s gone back to the USA from the UK. maybe our turn will return soon as we search for a new vibe.

YUP, I think we have to wait for a new EDM movement to come out of the USA like last time!