Hardcore Rave Music – How to Experiment Mixing in 2024

Digital DJ Software

Use modern digital DJ software like Serato, Traktor, or Virtual DJ to mix and blend 1991 hardcore rave tracks. These platforms often offer various effects and features to enhance your mixing experience.

Vinyl Turntables

If you prefer an analogue approach, consider using vinyl. Acquiring original vinyl records from the early 90s can provide an authentic experience. Mix and scratch using traditional techniques.

Remixes and Mashups

Explore remixes and mashups that blend 1991 hardcore rave music tracks with more contemporary genres. This can add a fresh twist to the classics and appeal to a broader audience.

Digital Effects and Processing

Experiment with modern digital effects and processing tools to add unique sounds and textures to the original tracks. This can give your mixes a contemporary and innovative touch.

Live Instruments

Incorporate live instruments or electronic controllers like MIDI keyboards or drum pads to add a live performance element to your mixes. This can create a dynamic and engaging experience.

Create Your Edits

Make your edits to 1991 by rearranging sections, adding effects, or combining elements from different tracks. This allows you to put your creative spin on the music.

Collaborate with Producers

Collaborate with contemporary producers who specialize in electronic music. Working together can result in a fusion of old-school rave elements with modern production techniques.

Visuals and Lighting

Enhance the overall experience by integrating visuals and lighting effects. Use projection mapping or LED lights synced to the music to create a visually immersive atmosphere during your performances.

Online Platforms and Streaming

Share your mixes on online platforms and streaming services. Connect with the electronic music community and gather feedback to refine your mixing skills. If you have a recording of some sets please join us at: Rave One 1991 – True Escapism to have your sets broadcast on our feed.

Attend Rave Events

Attend modern rave events and festivals to observe current trends in electronic music. This can inspire new ideas and help you stay connected with the evolving rave culture.

Remember, the key is to balance the nostalgia of 1991 hardcore rave music with contemporary elements to create a unique and exciting mix. Have fun experimenting and expressing your style!

    Positives – Mixing Hardcore Rave Music Today


    Advances in DJ software, digital effects, and hardware offer more creative possibilities for mixing compared to the limited technology of the early ’90s. Today’s electronic music scene incorporates diverse sub-genres and styles, allowing for a broader range of influences in mixed sets.

    Production Techniques

    Modern production techniques enable cleaner sound quality, sampling, and remixing, enhancing the overall production value of mixed tracks.

    Collaborations Hardcore Rave Music

    Contemporary artists collaborate across genres, creating opportunities for blending 1991 hardcore rave with various musical styles.

    Accessibility of Music

    The ease of accessing and sharing music through online platforms facilitates a more extensive collection of tracks for DJs to incorporate into their mixes.

    Visual and Multimedia Integration

    DJs today often integrate visuals, lighting, and multimedia elements into their performances, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

    Global Influence

    The global nature of the music industry allows for the infusion of international sounds, adding diversity to mixed sets compared to the more localized influences of the ’90s.

    Audience Expectations

    Audience preferences and expectations have evolved, leading DJs to adapt their mixing styles to cater to modern tastes while incorporating nostalgic elements.

    Live Performance Tools

    The availability of live performance tools, such as MIDI controllers and instruments, allows DJs to create a more dynamic and interactive experience during their sets.

    Online Presence

    Social media and online platforms enable DJs to share their mixes, connect with a broader audience, and receive instant feedback, influencing the evolution of their mixing style.

    Hardcore Rave Music & How to Experiment Mixing in 2024
    Hardcore Rave Music & How to Experiment Mixing in 2024

    Negatives – Mixing Hardcore Rave Today


    The modern electronic music scene may be criticized for overcommercialization, with some arguing that the underground and rebellious spirit of the 1991 hardcore rave has been diluted.

    Loss of Authenticity

    As the genre evolves, there is a risk of losing the raw and authentic sound that characterized the 1991 hardcore rave music, especially when influenced by mainstream trends.

    Saturation of Sub-genres

    The proliferation of electronic music sub-genres today may lead to a saturation that dilutes the distinctiveness of the hardcore rave sound, making it challenging to stand out.

    Shorter Attention Spans

    In the age of streaming and instant access to music, listeners may have shorter attention spans, affecting the appreciation for longer, intricate mixes that were common in the early rave scene.

    Mainstream Appropriation

    There’s a risk of mainstream appropriation, where elements of hardcore rave are co-opted by commercial interests, potentially diluting the authenticity and countercultural roots of the genre.

    Sound Quality Expectations

    While modern production techniques enhance sound quality, some purists argue that the gritty, lo-fi quality of early hardcore rave is lost in the pursuit of cleaner and more polished mixes.

    Lack of Underground Spaces

    The decline of underground venues and the rise of mainstream festivals may limit the availability of intimate spaces that contributed to the immersive experience of the 1991 hardcore rave.

    Homogenization of Sound

    The globalization of electronic music can lead to a homogenization of sound, with DJs worldwide incorporating similar elements, potentially diminishing regional or cultural variations.

    Pressure to Conform

    DJs may feel pressured to conform to contemporary trends, potentially sacrificing the experimental and rebellious spirit that defined the early rave era.

    Risk of Nostalgia Exploitation

    There’s a risk of nostalgia exploitation, where DJs may rely too heavily on nostalgic elements without bringing fresh innovation to their mixes, resulting in a repetitive and predictable sound.

    Keep It Real & The Hardcore Rave Music Future

    Balancing the preservation of oldskool rave’s authenticity is crucial for honouring its roots and cultural significance. However, experimenting with contemporary music is equally important as it allows for evolution, innovation, and relevance within the dynamic landscape of electronic music.

    By maintaining the original essence, we respect the historical context and unique characteristics of the 1991 hardcore rave music genre.

    Simultaneously, embracing experimentation ensures the genre stays vibrant, adapts to modern tastes, and continues to inspire new generations. Striking this balance honours tradition while fostering creativity, contributing to the ongoing evolution and sustainability of rave culture.