How To Rave On From 1991

We are back and diving in to promote the rave scene keeping the worldwide community alive with our Facebook community and onsite rave blog community. We write blogs for our FB Group and for others who want decent exposure on Google.

Rave On 1991 – True Escapism!

Have you been looking for a place to hang out to leave and read comments of interest about raves? We’re doing well now we have traction in the community with both invited members and those who find us online. The whole future for the rave scene lies in the balance as all Facebook communities move forward to bring the flare back.


Guaranteed to meet new people from all over the world to reminisce and talk about raves, nightclubs and festivals worldwide from the past, present and future. Just a year old we see a decent few people prefer us for our honesty because that’s how we roll.

The Rave Escapism Archive