How to Cure Nostalgia & An Electronic Dance Music Forum

Electronic dance music has been around for some years now and with the rise of Rave, the scene has grown ten-fold. The digital era has seen some excellent tunes from all dance music genres.

Our rave forum throws light on rave-related discussions that surround the scene to cure nostalgia. Our community covers all aspects of rave-related subjects to take the past into the future.

The 1990s genres of house, new beat, breakbeat, acid house, techno and hardcore techno dominated the rave scene. An explosion of rave followers dominated the scene.

Rave music still has a huge impression on the electronic dance music industry with a whole array of new mixes and digital content being created.

Electronic Dance Music Vs Rave?

What we have to understand is that vinyl sounds different to CD mixing and was more unique in its use in the early 90s.

However, rave was still created on digital software and equipment. Rave is a huge reason so many new dance music genres exist today. Our forum covers many areas of the rave scene to heal nostalgia.

Rave was an early invention along with earlier 80s Detroit and Chicago house music. Recording studios filled with budding musicians who created an explosive scene that changed the world.

Electronic dance music (EDM), also known as dance musicclub music, or simply dance, is a broad range of percussive electronic music. Under these terms, it’s obvious it was part of the early routes of rave that followed.

When we consider Rave vs EDM the only difference is the venue setup. A rave club usually offers multiple rooms and a variety of music genres. Many are open to all ages. Some have VIP entrances and others do not.

Is Rave Music Still Popular?

Rave music never died, moreover, it took a back seat as countries such as USA and Europe still rave on. The implementation of the Criminal Justice Bill in the UK in 1994 took away our rights to hold parties without a license.

Rave is still popular today although there has been a huge change in drug use, drug overdoses, drug trafficking, theft, violence, noise, traffic control, and driving under the influence of drugs.

The government never mentioned how serious crimes such as football violence and other anti-social behaviour decreased. Many people from that era changed from drinking too much to dancing more.

Rave music is still popular and fills YouTube with an unlimited amount of 90s rave resources to last a lifetime. Rave has a huge following of younger musicians who are influenced by the sounds of hardcore rave.

The reason we have narrowed down our niche to cover 1991 is that the rave scene was at its best that year. Some might argue about the best year, however, this year was when love, peace and unity blossomed.

Where Can Ravers Meet in 2023

Get Involved with Electronic Dance Music and Join the Rave On 1991 Forum.
The Rave On 1991 Community

Our forum is new and concentrates on bringing back the vibe, moreover, it gives members a chance to reflect.

With the addition of various forum subjects, members can meet people from the past and we’re building the forum for that purpose. The internet has thousands of rave hangouts.

There are countless amounts of FB groups and also discussion boards for ravers on the internet, however, we are one of the few forums that exist for ravers.

The reason we created Rave On 1991 is to keep everything Rave related in one place. As the community grows the more we move closer to reuniting ravers from the past.

To take things further, we have even created separate communities for different user groups. You can easily find topics ranging from different interests that are relevant to them.

It’s important to join now so you can get your post count up in the hope of being a future moderator on one of the boards of interest. For example, if you are a drum and bass DJ you could moderate that room.

What is the Future of Rave & Electronic Dance Music

The future of Rave doesn’t necessarily heal the nostalgia so many of us suffer from the unique sounds of 1991. In 2019, French producer David Guetta and Danish producer Morten Breum paired together to produce some tracks.

The partnership then moved on recently in 2022 to go on tour in the USA under a tour name called ”Future Rave” Although this reflects on new sounds never heard before it doesn’t touch on close to hardcore 1991.

The rise of hardcore in 1991 was due to several factors. Firstly, sampling technology was becoming cheap enough for DJs to make their own music. Now music can be made on one single computer given the right software.

The only way hardcore could come back from its routes is by taking samples and plugging them into modern sounds mixing the two. The future is exciting for raves with nights popping up all over the UK.

There was a memorial night held on 22nd November 2022 for the late Manchester DJ Stu Allen (RIP).

Bowlers the venue sold out as ravers danced to the 30 years of Stu Allen. There are also nights appearing at Shelley’s Laserdome in Stoke on Trent with a huge oldskool lineup.

Nights like this are important for the future of rave as thousands of ravers look into the future of the scene, hoping and wishing for a revival of the rave scene all over the country. Maybe the laws can be relaxed a little.

How to Heal the Nostalgia of Rave

Join the Electronic Dance Music Rave Community at Rave On 1991.
Rave On 1991 – A Rave Community for You!

It’s been a long 30 years in the wait for an oldskool revival although it seems like yesterday. There are ways we at ”Rave On 1991” can create a new rave future.

Bringing ravers together in one place is our plan as we reunite ravers from the past.

Have you been wondering where your rave friends have all gone? Are you searching for a place to find them? Do you want to be involved in a new rave revival? If the answer is yes to any of the three questions then we’ll help you.

You have to agree ravers always kept an open mind to new tunes as the scene branched out into the music industry. Yes, some tunes were slightly commercial, however, this meant new ravers joining the following.

We deal with nostalgia by talking about the past and maybe reliving the scene again in the future. What we do today music-wise depends on the future of EDM and accounts for which direction dance music takes.

If you’re an Oldskool DJ with hardcore routes, remember hardcore will never die. It’s what we do today that accounts for tomorrow. That’s the reason for Rave On 1991 to heal the nostalgia and to create new memories.

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