The Rise of The Prodigy & A Fresh New Breakbeat Success

The Rise of the Prodigy was perfect timing for what was about to happen in the Rave scene back in 1991. The band was founded in 1990 by producer, keyboard player and songwriter Liam Howlett.

The Band was Originally Formed in Braintree, Essex in the United Kingdom.

Kieth Flint, Maxim Reality, Leeroy Thornhill and Liam Howlett pioneered the rave scene in 1991. Their influence was so much so on the Rave scene they became known as “the Godfathers of Rave”.

Their unique sound experimented with breakbeat a part of the big beat genre that influenced the dance floor for years after that.  

Big Beat was reminiscent of house music’s sampladelic phase of the late ’80s as well as old-school rap and its penchant for experimental samples and irresistible breaks.

Who would have thought a mix tape that was exchanged from Kieth Flint to Liam Howlett would revolutionise how the rave scene would progress? There were tunes from both on the tape.

The Four Aces Club (then called Labyrinth) in Dalston London on Friday night was The Prodigy’s venue for their first gig on February 1991. Shortly after their live debut, Howlett completed a 10-track demo tape.

The Prodigy Sign Up With XL Records

Now the music was written and synced, rehearsed and edited The Prodigy was ready to branch out. They approached XL Recordings from where the tune Charley was released.

Liam spent earnings from “Charly” on new instruments and studio equipment, expanding the group’s sound with a Roland U-220 sound module and TR-909 drum machine.

Charley was released in the Uk on 12 August 1991 through XL Recordings on Vinyl, CD and cassette tape format. The hit soon accumulated complaints with the band being blamed for plagiarism.

A string of UK Rave hits followed suit playing samples from kiddies’ TV programmes so Liam had made his mind up that ”Charley” would be the last kiddies’ sample he would create.

About a year later ”Charley” was released in the USA as a double A-side single with ”Everybody in the Place” The prodigy was on the road to huge success as their unique sound expanded.

How To Sound Like The Prodigy

The prodigy overwhelmed the rave scene with new electronic sounds that saw the scene take many directions. Were you there from the beginning and want to know how to sound like the prodigy?

A comprehensive list of samples that The Prodigy have used in their Experience album and demo tracks were from the early era. The prodigy created their route to massive stardom via the Rave scene during that era.

I met Kieth Flint in 1991 at Amnesia at a giant warehouse rave. He was as mischievous then as he was towards the end. RIP Kieth, you have been sadly missed.

If you want to sound like The Prodigy think about the rhythm and texture that reigns a supreme, splash of haze into the programmed beats. The Prodigy was at its most explosive from 1991 to 1995 and those beats have reigned since. 

Without the rave scene, there wouldn’t have been The Prodigy and vice versa without them EDM wouldn’t be the same as it is today. It’s hardly surprising there has been so much influence taken from them.

The Prodigy Gave People The Buzz

Raving back in 1991 was all about the buzz and being controlled by electronic high-volume breaks and beats. As the crowds exploded and asked for more, the more they got.

Just one live gig from The Prodigy and you felt huge amounts of adrenalin pounding through your body.

As the Prodigy go back on tour in this new year 2023 you’re going to be taken on an explosive, raw new journey of mashup beats. With your ears buzzing and your heart thumping the new sounds will take you on a journey.

If you’re missing the explosive buzz, The Prodigy will be performing 3 headline shows in Ireland in June 2023! Taking in Cork, Dublin and Belfast with support from ANDY C

The Prodigy Announced: GET READY FOR THE NEW WAVE OF FIRE !!!  

28th June 2023 – Musgrave Park, Cork
29th June 2023 – Fairview Park, Dublin
30th June 2023 – Belsonic, Belfast

The Prodigy & New Tour Dates in 2023
The Prodigy & New Tour Dates

The Prodigy’s Mainstream Success

Yes, the prodigy found much of their success around the world via a mainstream direction, however they were still legends.

Their style had changed from rave and breakbeat to more of an electronic rock style. ”Always outnumbered Never Outdone” topped the charts in the United Kingdom in August 2004.

With the performance style of incendiary frontman Keith Flint, their live acts quickly became the stuff of legend. Keith tore up the stage with his crazy antics, dance moves and lyrics.

The Prodigy’s Success Story

The Prodigy remains one of the most successful electronic groups of all time. They hold claim to new sounds that exploded at the time of the Rave scene in 1991 and took the music to new levels of success.

Charly directed the Prodigy towards fame in 1991 and later on and with so much success around the world there were many live Gigs to follow. The Prodigy has to be one of the greatest experiences one could hear live in concert.

Firestarter placed Keith Flint at the front of the band’s Gigs and has to be one of the most famous tunes created by them.

The Prodigy have sold over 4.7 million albums in the UK and has scored seven consecutive UK number-one albums. Seven Number 1 albums mean The Prodigy rank among an elite group of Uk musicians.

Here’s a breakdown of their success over the years:

Studio albums7
Live albums1
Compilation albums1
Video albums3
Music videos28
Mix albums2

A Tribute to Keith Flint

Keith Charles Flint (17 September 1969 – 4 March 2019) 

Prodigy frontman Keith Flint died at his Essex home in 2019, something that shocked the music world.

Ravers and music lovers across the world were devastated. As memories and tributes flooded in the realism of Keith’s role as The Prodigy’s frontman showed how much love and respect the world had for him.

Keith was one of the original ravers of our time before The Prodigy. He later showed us how to light up an arena with his presence on stage, something we will never forget.

The Prodigy now has lasers in their live shows that reflect an image of Keith. Maxim often announces in live shows that Keith is still with us and always will be.

After wearing his hair in a mohawk at school, he was “chucked out and sent to a special school,” he said. “They had to hypnotize me to settle me down — I just had so much energy.” (Covered by New York Times)

That energy was something that evolved into something unexplainable, a true inspiration and passion for a controlled mayhem that lit up the stage. Nothing compares to Keith and he has and always will be sadly missed.