Creating a Community – It’s Easy When Raving

Creating a community for the best of people is hard work. Whether you are a school buddy or a member of a group that all focuses on the same thing it’s never easy.

When we reach the age of being able to adjust and become an adult we are tempted into lots of membership groups that want money. This is never the case when raving.

The bottom line is you pay the entrance fee, and for transport to and from the venue and a little for water throughout the night. I don’t drink or at least don’t go out each weekend to get blasted and that saves me a lot of money.

Your Close Side Community Expands!

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It’s really simple to learn because once you have a few oldtimer friends with you in your inner community it’s really easy to meet a new group or friends to branch out later.

I remember not talking to my oldtimer friends all night at raves and then introducing them in the service station to those I had been with all night at the rave.

By 2004 we had friends all over the UK we could call to see what was on and where to go to meet up. It was an amazing time. Creating a sub-community to join the whole rave community is what it’s all about.

If you’re shy or tamed to going out and joining a community to make friends it’s fine but let me explain at raves you’re never outwitted or spoken to in terms of disagreement more a decision and an acceptance.

He danced With Me All night for 10 Hours.

I remember Andromeda, Pandomonia 1 at Telford Ice Rink. Double dropped in the queue about 50 yards to get in and came up just before going in. The bouncer asked me, ok mate?

I said of course and he said thought so, so those are the times we spoke about inside. All my mates I travelled with told me the same we all dropped in the queue.

We shared this story all over inside that the bouncers were on top but just for dealers. I’m On the video for this rave numerous times and danced with a guy called Matthew on the platform for around 10 hours.

You can’t ever be anywhere other than a rave where you can express yourself its that simple. Matthew my buddy asked me, ”Don’t you ever stop” when he was resting and I said no not when I feel the energy.

Why Is The Rave Community so Special?

It’s simple to answer creating a community out of special moments is always easy. The best DJ, The venue, the MCs to the music always told the story after the event.

We smoked weed as we thought possible at service stations drank tea bought chewing gum and partied until the morning. The service station complained from time but we were just a new customer.

We were in it together and the rave community grew and grew to cover our path every week as we travelled all over the UK for the best raves. It was a special time and knowone tried to take it away from us at that time.

The Police Never Bothered Us

We never got stopped for four years from 1991 – 1994, however, the police became more obvious at raves afterwards outside. Their presence pissed me off as it did many.

They weren’t vicious or against us between 1991-1993 and you could speak with them with no prejudice or downfall to you been off your nuts. It wasn’t like that, however, it was obvious we were been watched.

We Were a Wise Community

The true Ravers have never stopped from 1988 onwards to 2024 we are united to the cause and will never stop something that changed us for the better. We are the community that changed many people.

People came out of pubs, bars and beer venues with a message from us to join us and that is what happened, they jumped on board and loved the scene because it was easier to find new friends.

We made thousands of people into ravers who covered the whole of the UK’s rave community to became full-time ravers who went to persuade others to join them and so on.

The football crowds became tame with little to no violence and the story carried on and on for a few years. It was the rave scene that tamed the football hooligans and they knew it.

Where Do We Stand Today?

Rave has made Uturn from being almost extinct to being the prime example of togetherness again and it’s growing. It’s reported venues are holding 4000 ravers with zero arrests. Isn’t that just amazing to save the law money?

Your average raver would be about 52-53 now and even more and that is what is classed as a devoted community over the years. Rave culture excepts any age with the younger ravers reaching out to the lasors.

The press doesn’t bother us, they are covering wars and problems abroad and that’s because deep down the government know we live a peaceful existence as ravers have always done.

We stand in the most perfect position to rely on venues to open the gates to rave again. Some people said it would happen in 2023 and it has to some extent true but 2024 is the year for sure. With the government’s help and acceptance of what we represent it would be just perfect.

Interested? (I Know you wouldn’t let me down)

Thinking about joining us at raves and spreading the news of old and new? Keep connected to Rave on 1991 and Raved in the ’90s, because both of us, are amazing communities with lots of Stories.

I’m just returning from a few months off from this website to recollect and read other’s thoughts. It’s done me the world of good to be back and writing again for the massive. Keep locked and come back, we have so much to share with you later.

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