How to Travel Through Time – Ask The Ravers!

30+ years ago we were gifted with the rave scene and how to travel through time which caught on. Originally before the big rave pickup, it started slowly with close friends asking others whom they thought good to join them.

The tunes, the lights and the pure thought that went into each rave took us far above the stars. Each rave got better and better and it was a learning philosophy that made the news.

We were reaching out far beyond our world or am I dreaming? Without sounding sceptical I knew for sure at the time peaking on the dancefloor I was never on this planet and hence reached out to come back when peaking.

I don’t think I ever returned fully, to be honest, but we all dream of where we’re going in the future and I’m sure I was there from time to time and never returned in full. it’s that knowing you have been there that counts.

Travel Through Time

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We’ve all watched the movies about how to travel through time, space and planetary battles with other galaxies. I don’t think ravers understand the true importance of the peaceful community we hold.

If it all comes to an end and there is one voice asking us what went wrong on the last day of civilisation. One raver will reach out with a peaceful message such as We tried our best and if that wasn’t enough we’re sorry.

Of course, this is all sceptical but over the years many ravers have told me that their memories of pure love were real. Serotonin depletion is real, I know I suffered from it.

My question to all ravers is this: If the brain releases serotonin from the brain through the use of MDMA why are many people without the use of MDMA these days suffering twice as much as your average raver?

The Motivational Aspect

If you’ve tried raving, maybe didn’t like it or just went home and never followed on with the community that’s fine. I know deep down inside I wasn’t supposed to be a raver but it grasped me and asked me to join.

I’ve travelled the world to many countries and heard lots of variations of rave, however, what’s remarkable is that most that attend look for freedom. It’s that freedom that makes us different.

If you’ve been in a struggle, find it hard to communicate or need a friend then there is special help out there for you. I know I would never take back or dissolve what I have learned as a raver and throw it all away, it’s priceless.

Motivationally speaking I have expressed fully in this post that great minds and personalities, people and ideas think alike. And it’s the norm to take a back seat to recollect memories.

Rave memories will never leave you!

Every Rave Tune Had a Meaning!

A rave chemical imbalance doesn’t explain depression and never will!

How to Travel Through Time - Ask The Ravers!

Did you ever notice how the dancefloor reacted to various tunes? Not everyone’s cup of tea but all of us even today are on the dancefloor in our element.

An Oldkskool tune comes on and the memories come flooding back, this is how strong our memories are. If you are demolished through the use of recreational drugs or deep in thought you are still a huge part of the rave community.

Every tune has a meaning and those meanings are our way of life and what we love. Never let anyone tell you differently. They use a phrase away with the fairies, however, I’d comment more like over the other side of the universe.

Every tune has a meaning and every raver is different so let’s all keep our community together and NEVER lose trust in that special moment we all remember, reaching out in our own space and asking for more.

The Final Conclusion

Like many other posts I have written I was deep in thought, something I do a lot and maybe too much but I always come out shining. If you’re still raving I salute you because 35 years on for me I still love it as I did then.

Once a raver always a raver and those peaking times of the purest of MDMA were amazing but I suffered after. You’ll smile at this but I deny raving or the drugs have anything to do with previous problems.

If I’m honest it’s more my concern for others that worried me hence I created this post to make you aware that we travelled through time on the dancefloor away from your mainstream clubs.

What we experienced in the 90s wasn’t just by chance it was an amazing coincidence of being in the right place at the right time.

As I still say after a good night out raving I simply can’t explain it. Now that’s special. It’s all about the timing of tunes, the DJs and the visuals and being at the right place at the right time. As always ravers know best.

God Bless Until Eternity!