Rave In 1991 – Now On Facebook Leading The Way

Our Facebook group is called Rave On 1991- True Escapism, however today we have a question, did you Rave in 1991? It’s not important, however, to be a part of a new 90s rave community that has huge plans has it’s benefits.

Get ready to embark on a pulsating journey as the Rave On 1991 Facebook group surges to the top, destined to emerge as the unrivalled hub for the ultimate rave community on the web. Our advantage is we write blogs to incorporate into the group for all members.

I’m 52 now and was there from the start from Chicago and New York House to Raving throughout the 90s. Our Facebook group admin and moderator team all have a past in rave and expert advice in 90s rave music.

In the Beginning, there was House Music

Raves grew out of dance parties in the 1980s, influenced by European techno and American house music. In the 1980s, European clubs hosting raves aimed to keep them private, making the organization challenging but more exciting for participants.

It’s the excitement from the 90s that interests us the most to provide our Facebook members with the best source for information. Our number one question to members is: Did you rave in 1991?

Not all ravers answer yes which is 100% fine as we strive to create a community for all. We especially love dedicated DJs, producers, event organisers and anything rave-related.

I’ve added a couple of blogs below for those who wish to read about getting more gigs and how to get DJ funding.

Rave In 1991 - Now On Facebook Leading The Way
Rave In 1991 - Now On Facebook Leading The Way

Did You Rave in 1991?

You’ll notice from our Rave On 1991 website that it runs in line with our Facebook Group. We add new information each day. This breaks up the monotony of what could happen if there is nothing to read.

In terms, we give factual information about the rave scene via research and homegrown knowledge. We dedicate time to creating blogs to add them to our Facebook feed.

When we ask did you rave in 1991?, we look for photographs, videos and as many interesting additions you can add to the group. The more you help us the more we’ll help you achieve your goals.

If you raved in the 90s you’ll know where we come from, moreover, you’ll make a lot of friends. It’s early days, however, we’ll be securing a dominating place on the web for both our website and Facebook Group.

How We Help Members

Your occupation might be a budding DJ, producer event organiser or even modern art. You’ll be able to find information all over our group and website about these. We believe in helping you find information as you help us increase our membership list.

We’ll be offering rewards and gifts for members who achieve post goals and maximise the information we pass over. These competitions create excitement within the group and later down the line there may be a place for one more moderator.

Our team are experienced and has been a part of the scene for years. The top two administrators of the Rave on 1991 – True Escapism Facebook group are myself and Richard (You’ll meet him on the inside)

The Reason for the Group

During the 90s I was convinced I would rave all my life. I still do from time to time, however, now I spend more time online in group conversations. After the rave scene peaked and then split I made a move.

I travelled to over 80 cities and 38 countries worldwide as an English language teacher. This gave me a lot of time to find new venues, music and friends. I have been to a lot of nightclubs, festivals and events globally.

Being able to share my life brings great motivational benefits from being able to create a successful online business and community. I love writing too and have become confident in doing so. That’s why I enjoy writing all my blogs for you.


I can honestly say that I’ve made no money from either my website or Facebook Group. However, monetisation is always a reminder that I will consider it in the future.

I know Facebook likes me and everything I stand for hence the message I received recently (See Below). It’s more of a hobby, although Facebook in the future will give me advice and a chance to monetise for now it’s a great hobby as I build.

To rave in 1991 has given me a headstart, after all, what’s the point of a hobby if you know nothing about it? I can build websites and know about online marketing, however, for now, I want to build the Facebook group list with my team and deliver blogs with great meaning.

Is the Rave Scene Niche Competitive?

Maybe you’ve joined my group and read my blogs to learn more, moreover, think about an online rave business yourself. That’s fantastic due to the content added to the group daily. We’re here to help not compete.

As long as the rules and regulations are taken note of we can help you with your online business. It’s not a competitive niche, therefore, easy to create and monetise. I think my Facebook group will grow quickly in 2024 due to less competition in this niche.

There are many rave groups on Facebook, however, I’ve noticed most are inactive and the others don’t market their brand. That’s what I plan to achieve with ads even though my business is not monetised at the moment.


It’s time to end this blog post and invite you over to my place at Rave on 1991 – The Escapism. The faster you are a member the more rights you’ll have in the future in the group. As your post count increases there will be invites and freebies.

We are delighted you have found us to read this post guiding you to a friendly community that cares. Take care and see you on the inside.